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We Try It – Arbonne Fizz Sticks


It’s no secret that here at SP we need a bit of caffeine to get us through our busy days. However, we’re picky about it. We generally steer clear of energy drinks and none of us consume dairy anymore outside of the odd bit of cheese on Christmas day.

Arbonne’s Fizz Sticks come in small individual sachets making them easy just to rip off the top and pop into a glass of water. They contain 55.5mg total caffeine per sachet, are vegan, are naturally sweetened, and contain natural pomegranate flavour.

The powder makes a pretty satisfying fizz on contact with the water and has a pleasant fruity fragrance. The taste is definitely not as strong as I thought it would be, not too dissimilar to a mild fruit kombucha flavour

The main thing I liked about the sticks was the convenience factor. The sachets would easily fit in a small purse or pocket, making them perfect for a busy lifestyle.

The effect was not as intense as I have experienced with many commercial energy drinks so they would be fine to have in the afternoon to give you a little pep up without leaving you wired into the evening.

In conclusion: these handy little sachets make a convenient addition to your handbag, desk draw or car glove box for a pick-up on the go.

This was given to us by the lovely Tess who is an independent Arbonne Consultant. You can check out her facebook page here.


Please note – Sans Pareil  is not associated or affiliated with Arbonne International or any similar company.




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