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What Now? Negotiating The Christamath.


Welcome to the Christamath, the Christmas aftermath or the real life twilight zone. Yep, I’m talking about the few days in between Christmas and New year’s where no one knows what day it is, you’re full of gin and cheese by 10am, and nearly all normal routines have been temporarily suspended.


If you’re in a cold country, the freezing weather is a great excuse to stay inside and binge watch Netflix and eat sweets in your jarmies. However, in warmer climates you feel a bit guilty when it’s a beautiful sunny day and the Instagram perfect types are posting pictures of fun activities. FOMO’s a bitch sometimes.

Not actually my lounge, but a pretty close representation.

To get us all through this trying time I’ve put together six ways to feel like you’re still participating in life without totally expending the energy you’ll need later to re-watch the Father Ted Christmas Special whilst shoving cashews in your face.


  1. Get off social media for a while. It’s just going to make you feel like a failure next to Debbie Do-It-All who always seems to be teaching her permanently smiling children to surf/horse ride/whatever, juxtaposed against picturesque landscapes. The hot news here is you’re actually not failing at all. Right after those pictures were taken the little one cried, the big one stomped off in a huff and Debbie did a swear under her breath. You need a break from other people’s autobiographical highlight reel and so do I.
  2. Go for a walk around your own area. You don’t need to sit for an hour in a hot car to find somewhere photogenic to walk, just go around the streets of your own suburb. You might find a new cafe, park reserve or walking track you never knew existed. Go and find the posh houses and marvel at their neatly trimmed hedges and no weeds. Give the people you see imaginary back stories or find some neighbourhood cats to pat. Whatever you do, just don’t over complicate it or worry about capturing it on camera.
  3. Book something to do. Having paddle boarding, ice skating lesson or a horse trek booked makes the day feel more purposeful plus you get to do a cool activity that is just for fun rather than for work or training. Probably a good idea to set a couple of alarms though due to the timeless nature of the Christamath, Don’t want to turn up two days late thinking you’re 10 minutes early.
  4. De-cluttering and spring cleaning. While not the most fun you can have of a sunny afternoon it does give a massive sense of achievement. Taking down the Christmas tree and packing it away, hoofing a heap of stuff that you’ll never use again and getting into the dusty corners with a mop really justifies lying on the couch after dinner and refusing to move. It’s always easier to relax when your environment doesn’t look like an episode of Hoarders. 
  5. Have a day of giving back. This is great to do by yourself, as a couple or a family. Get some gardening gloves and pick up rubbish at the beach, plant a tree, donate your unwanted but good quality stuff to a charity shop or volunteer your time to a cause. This is the season of mass consumption and hyper commercialisation so giving back to the community you live in can balance it all out a little.
  6. Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. You’ve got a few days off from reality and pretty much everything you need to know is on the internet so take this time to kick start a new hobby or interest. This can be anything from homemade face masks, or sewing, or building robots. Time + Christmas money + You Tube tutorial = awesomeness. Or it might equal total failure, but at least you’ll have a funny story for new years.


Whatever you decide to do during the real life twilight zone make sure it’s fun and chill. The last thing you want at this time of year is more stress. Happy holidays.




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