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As I’m currently stuck in the house with a broken foot my home has gone from a basecamp to a permanent bubble I can’t leave unless I’m keen enough to roll down the steps and awkwardly shuffle down my near vertical driveway. When I’m not sporting a moon boot I chuck some lavender, tea tree and lemongrass in a diffuser to mask the fact there are four humans, two cats and two guinea pigs living in very close proximity to each other. However now I’m stuck in feeling sorry for myself I need to create a comforting environment I can exist in full time.

Flame and Scent Vintage Range

I’ve used scented candles in the past but I’ve never really found one that didn’t smell synthetic or looked pretty enough for me to leave around on my surfaces until I discovered Flame and Scent’s brand new vintage range. The natural soy wax candles contain no artificial additives and are custom blended to order from a wide range of beautiful fragrances.

The French Pear smells incredible and the vintage style glass holders are so pretty.

I’m often wary of ordering online because of the excess packaging companies use, but I was pretty impressed to see my Flame and Scent candles turned up in all pre-used packaging. Anything that keeps rubbish out of landfill gets a massive tick from us. My house smells amazing, I’m not sitting in a cloud of toxic smoke and it looks super cute. What more could I want?  

For more information check out the Flame and Scent website right here, and don’t forget to subscribe to receive 15% off your first order and exclusive discounts throughout the year.  





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