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Why I Love My Lip Injections


We’ve looked at aesthetic medicine a bit on Sans Pareil, (here and here) and since partnering with the awesome Caci Clinic Graham St we’ve started looking lots at skin care and the benefits of starting early as well as using cosmological products that work on a cellular level. They’re not cheap but you will actually see results.

If you’ve been following Sans Pareil, you’ll know that our editor, Robecca (that’s me, hiii) has been exploring the beauty industries’ fascination with aesthetic medicine. If you’re not sure what that is the short answer is anything you inject: Botulism Toxin (Botox), lip filler, derma filler etc. All the things that aren’t surgery.  Medicine has come a long way and you can change your entire face without going under the knife. Although you can, whether or not you should is a different story which I’ll soon get into.

So how far should you go in the quest for the perfect face and what does it mean to get these procedures done? Changing one’s appearance through the Dr.’s knife has been around for a long time. Think Rita Hayworth being told to look less ‘ethnic’ by Hollywood producers and Marilyn Monroe being told to change her chin. There seems to be a clash of titans with some body positive advocates showing a distaste for ‘getting work done’ as it doesn’t (they believe) promote loving one’s self the way you are. And studies have shown that becoming addicted to plastic surgery, and body image can lead to body dysmorphia.

After – Skin is noticeably plumper and one colour











I went to Skinsmith UK to get some injectables –’Wrinkle Relaxers’ in my forehead and under my nose and1ml of Dermal Filler to plump up my lips. The thing I like about Skinsmiths is that they are wanting to push the idea that getting something done doesn’t make you shallow or make you look super different (if you don’t want it too) it’s like looking your absolute best.

Appearance medicine like anything, can be taken to extremes (take any Kardashian for example) but doesn’t need to be done this way and usually isn’t. I’m personally all for the idea of openly wanting to look you best and trying different way of doing that. After all it’s your life and nobody else’s. As with everything, the key is moderation, so you can still be body positive and get Injectables if you feel like it.

After lip injections


A very natural looking happy smile!



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