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Things We’re Loving – Formula 10.0.6 Bubble Mask


Reviewed by Emma Raho

It’s no secret I’m a face mask junkie. Having had problematic skin since I was 12 years old I’ve found a weekly mask invaluable for keeping my face from scaring small children and the elderly when I go to the supermarket make up free. I use a different kind depending on where my skin is at, meaning I’ve tried out and built up a pretty reasonable selection.

Due to my leg being in plaster for what now seems like an eternity, I haven’t been outside in the fresh air and sunshine as much as I’d like, leaving my skin looking dull, tired and just in need of a serious pep up.

The Formula 10.0.6 Total Take Away Skin Purifying Bubble Mask promises to awaken fatigued skin with it’s clay bubble formula, lifting and carrying away impurities and leaving skin clean and refreshed – sounds good to me!

Formula always gets a billion out of 10 for its fun packaging and amazing smelling products. They definitely make my bathroom my happy place so I have high hopes for the bubble mask

The mask itself is easy to use as it only requires 2-5 minutes for it to work, perfect to chuck on just before you take a shower or even in the shower as the bottle handily stands up by itself and needs to be applied to damp skin. After application it puffed up really fast and (being the child trapped in an adults body that I really am) I particularly enjoyed the fizzy feeling on my face and my “Santa beard”. The formula is super lightweight and fluffy, it doesn’t feel tight or pull on the skin.

Just call me Santa McBubbleFace

After I washed it off my face felt and looked brighter and tighter, so it definitely fulfilled it’s promise.  As I love me a product that is not only quick and no fuss, but effective too I will be incorporating this product into my weekly routine.





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