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Things We’re Loving – The World of Artemis Jones


Reviewed By Emma Raho


As someone with a sensitive nose and even more sensitive skin I’m pretty much permanently on the lookout for products that smell amazing whilst at the same time not making me look like I just crawled through a cheese grater. The World of Artemis Jones are luxurious products made right here in New Zealand from pure, natural ingredients and I’ve been keen to try them out for a while now. 


Anne-Marie Jones was inspired to make handmade cosmetics after her first job working part time in a pharmacy. There, she picked up valuable knowledge about skincare and health. When she developed eczema and perfume triggered migraines as a young adult, Anne-Marie started formulating products that did not aggravate either of these conditions. Today she custom makes a variety of products in her native Christchurch for local and international clients as well as her own brand Artemis Jones.

The Artemis perfume creams are unlike anything I’ve seen in real life before, they remind me of the little pots of perfumed wax medieval ladies used to use. They are amazing on the go, instead of hauling glass bottles around, you can just chuck the little wee tin in your bag or pocket and run out of the door. The formula itself is non irritating and has a mild fragrance. Perfect for people who find spray perfume overwhelming.

I love loose eyeshadow powder, I just find it easier to work with so I’m loving Artemis’ formula. Perfect amount of pigment and still low irritant, you can build up a good variety of colour with a damp brush, or a more subtle look using a dry one. A top tip for opening them for the first time is to let the colour settle by very gently shaking it from side to side so most of the powder goes back through the holes. Don’t do what I did and shriek “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ and rip the top off, covering both myself and everything around me in soft peach sparkles. Emma was over excited. Emma now has a big clean up job. Don’t be like Emma.

As we all know, the trick to good eye makeup is  a well primed eye area. As a lady on the other side of 35 I find a good quality eye oil helps smooth out the lines makeup can fall into, making me look older than I actually am. Not only is the Artemis eye oil super nourishing it’s also in a handy dandy roller ball tube. No more mucking around with oil droppers, the roller ball is so convenient I’ll never go back to the regular bottles. I’m hooked!

I’ve saved my favourite product until last, the hazelnut chocolate body butter. The soft whipped creamy formula looks and smells exactly like a dessert. Note to self, do not open it whilst drunk or distracted because I’ll definitely eat it! It essentially is what I’ve wished all the cocoa butter products I’ve ever bought in 20 years would be and I’m so super happy I’ve found this one. It works like an absolute charm on any dry skin. This is 10/10 going to be a staple in my routine from now on.

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