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Why I’m In Love With The Body Positive Movement


By Lucy Johnstone

I am a massive fan of the body positive movement I see growing both on and off social media. I’m a short, dark haired voluptuous person who came of age in the era of “heroin chic”. In the 90s the eyebrows were thin, the celebrities blonde and the boobs gravity defying. It’s a breath of fresh air to see some variety in the types of bodies portrayed in the media, to finally see some bodies that look a little like mine.

So in the interests of shamelessly hopping on to the bandwagon, here are some things I think are unique, beautiful and should be celebrated.


There are few things sadder than a woman who covers up her freckles with makeup. A thin layer of sunscreen yes, but other than that, let those adorable speckles of gorgeousness shine girlfriend! Freckles; even the name is cute!

Stretch marks

Skin is an amazing thing that stretches to accommodate changes in the body. If it couldn’t stretch, we’d be in trouble. Stretch marks are a badge of honour to be proud of. I love the ones on my hips which marked (no pun intended) the transition of my body from little girl to grown woman. I love the ones on my stomach gifted to me through pregnancies. My stretch marks say “this body has done some cool stuff”.

Natural breasts 

Most of the boobs we see in the media are the type that can stand up by themselves, often with the aid of silicone. But the truth is, boobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they’re all worthy of love. Let’s hear it for small, big, jiggly and everything in between.

Short people

Life can have its challenges as a short person. My feet rarely touch the ground when I sit on a chair, making me feel like Alice in Wonderland on occasion, I spend a lot of time climbing on chairs to reach stuff and I’ve never seen a supermodel who wasn’t at least a foot taller than me. But you know what? Short people are cute, we’ll never annoy you when sitting behind you on a plane by kicking the back of your seat, and we’re great at Limbo.


Scars tell a story, and they’re part of what makes you unique. They mean you’ve experienced some pain but you’ve healed. Another testament to how amazing your body is.

Your freckles, scars, or height are part of the amazing tapestry that makes you you. It’s also important to note that your external appearance is only a small part of who you are, despite what we are taught to believe. There is nobody else exactly like you, so celebrate the things which make you unique, and together let’s keep the movement going!

Nobody should ever have to feel like they need to squeeze into a mould, change their appearance or look like someone else in order to be beautiful. Trust me, you already are.




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