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Handy tips for a boat cruise


By Seamus Malietoa


I ticked off a lifetime goal, by experiencing a holiday on a boat cruise. My family and I boarded P&O’s Pacific Dawn, starting our five-day cruise from Brisbane sailing to the beautiful green tropical Whitsunday islands (Airlie beach). For those wanting to go on their first cruise this kind of experience is a great taste of life at sea. However, make sure to research about the cruise ship.

Try board in your country

We boarded in Australia as it was my brother’s 40th birthday, but I don’t think I would board a ship in another country only if it’s a must. I say this because I had to pay the cruise fare in Australian dollars, and the cost of flights. It would work out cheaper to sail from your country, you won’t have to worry too much about baggage weight and accommodation.

Airlie Beach man made lagoon

It’s all about the money

You may want to experience being Jack and Rose at the front of the boat with “My heart may go on” in the background. The children will want to hop on to the zip line on top deck, maybe have a round of laser tag. There’s a lot to do on board, and tours on land. But I highly recommend purchasing the soft-drink package as it is unlimited and is worth it especially for those who like a fizz with their food.

Know your way around

You wouldn’t believe how many people did not know their way around even up to the last night on the cruise. I recommend knowing what elevator is the closest to your room, and the locations you frequent or want to go to. It will make it easier for you especially because there is a lot of walking through long corridors. So try not to forget anything needed in your room for your day. But keep your swipe card on you at all times! 

I’m feeling dizzy

You may have been across to a nearby island but being on a cruise is very different. Some family members were seasick. Pack some nausea tablets, research sea -sickness cures beforehand because you don’t know if you’ll be affected.

Make the most of it

Most of your time will be spent on the ship. When the ship has arrived on shore you have a day to spend on land. Get out for a stretch, and enjoy being on terra firma until it’s time to step back on board. Make the most of every opportunity as this is a trip of a lifetime that may not be repeated and I’m glad I got to live it up on the boat and did everything that I could do. I watched a comedian perform, a musical show, and watched a movie on the deck, I also watched people play roulette in the casino. Don’t sit in your room, there’s a lot to explore on the ship and on land.

I hope these tips give you a head start!




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