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Read My Lips – The Complete Guide to Lip Care


By Emma Raho


Lips are big business right now. Whether you’re plumping them with fillers, splashing out on fancy “lip kits” or leaving them au naturel, maintaining your lips with a good daily routine will keep them soft and avoid chapping, dryness and building up dead skin. 


While most of us have a pretty decent handle on cleansing, toning and moisturising our face, our lips are often ignored.  The skin on your lips is different to the skin on your face so has different needs. Your lips have no sebaceous glands so are not moisturised by your body’s natural oils, the skin is much thinner and they also contain no melanin so burn very easily. As they need a little extra love, we’ve put together a quick care guide that can easily be incorporated into your regular skin care routine.

Step One – Exfoliating

Giving your lips a decent scrub regularly stops flakey, dry looking skin accumulating. Your regular facial exfoliator may not cut the mustard so it’s best to get or make a small pot of lip scrub. I love Lush and Jeffree Star scrubs because they smell so divine, but they can be easily made using castor sugar (must be castor as the grain is finer than regular sugar) and coconut oil mixed into a paste. Put a little blob on your finger tip and scrub around your lips for 10 seconds. This creates a smooth surface and makes lipstick lay down properly.

Step Two – Moisturising

At night after I’ve had a quick blat around with the lip scrub I like to massage a nourishing night cream into my lips topped with oil. I personally use essano superfoods kale night cream followed by either kale, turmeric or rosehip oil.

Step Three –  Use Lip Balm

Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I’m constantly applying lip balm. I have a chapstick in my car that I quickly use at red lights, an Artemis Jones Buttercream lip balm on my desk at work, and about 15 half used tubes in each handbag. The reason this is so essential is lip balm will stop you licking your lips and the SPF will stop them burning. Saliva will dry out and chap your lips quicker than anything else so make sure you’re throwing on that balm!


Step Four – Choose the right lipstick.

Choose lipsticks that don’t dry your lips out for daily wear. Select colours that contain moisturisers such as vitamin E and always moisturise lips before applying your lip colour. Liquid lips are fine for a night out but are quite drying if worn daily.


Extra note – Staying hydrated will help your lips retain moisture. Just another good reason to drink plenty of water.



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