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The Five Types of Friends Everyone Needs in Their Life


By Lucy Johnstone


Friends are rad. They’re like the family you get to choose for yourself. They’re your shopping companions, your gym buddies. They’re the people that know you best. They lift you up when you’re feeling down. They make you laugh, and if they’re anything like my friends, they’re also wonderful listeners, wonderful huggers and fabulous cooks as well.

Here are five types of friends everyone should look out for. If you don’t have the full set, never fear. Another great thing about friends is that you never know when a new one is just around the corner.

The Childhood Friend

The Childhood Friend has known you as long as you can remember. You swam naked at the beach together as children while your Mum’s sunbathed. They loved you when you listened to the Spice Girls and dyed your hair pink and wore too much eyeliner. They were there at your Nan’s funeral and your Dad’s 40th and every other family occasion in between. The lines between your childhood and theirs is interwoven forever. They are a part of your history and your future. The Childhood Friend is a living treasure.

The Work Friend

The Work Friend is great because they share your passion for the job. A well placed Work Friend can help you to be more creative, and feel more supported at work. You have lunch together, you’ve got each other’s back and you each know the others coffee order off by heart. Work friendships can endure long after the job is nothing but a distant memory. I am still great friends with women I worked with over 15 years ago at my first real job. They were the first Work Friends I made, and I adore them to this day.

A friend of the Opposite Gender

Sometimes the other gender can be a bit of a mystery, and that’s where this type of friend comes in super handy. They’re you’re guaranteed portal into the parallel universe of the opposite sex. Sometimes a Friend of the Opposite Gender can become a Friend with Benefits, or even turn out to be your true love. If they do, great! A relationship based on a solid foundation of friendship can be fabulous. If you remain firmly in the friend zone, also great. You’ve got a friend for life who will always be able to offer you a fresh perspective.

The Workout Friend

Our bodies were made to move, and, as inherently social beings, exercise can be all the more enjoyable for humans when we have a Workout Friend. Think of the Workout Friend as a personal trainer you don’t have to pay. They push you to push yourself, they remind you to drink water, and they accompany you to a spin class even if it’s at 6 am. A good Workout Friend is hard to find. I’m still searching for my workout soulmate. If you are lucky enough to have one, don’t let them go.

The Online Friend. 

The Online Friend is a relatively new phenomena, bought into creation by the good old internet. These days, people are connected by more than just proximity. You can be friends with people who live on the other side of the world, whom you’ve never actually met in person.

The Online Friend can be a window into a different culture, a different way of life in another country. They can also share your passion for taxidermy, knitting or veganism. You name it, there’ll be someone on the internet who loves it as much as you do, and feeling connected is fabulous.

The Online Friend can become just as significant a presence in your life as a friend you see in person regularly. Whatever it was that connected you in the first place, be it a common interest, mutual friends or just luck, the Online Friend is a cool feature of the modern era.

To all my friends, the old and the new, the online variety and the work variety, thanks for being your rad selves.

To my Workout Friend. I know you’re out there somewhere.


Article cover picture taken from My Life is Strange courtesy of Dontnod Entertainment.



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