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Thing’s We’re Lovin’ – Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Collection


What do we want? Fun affordable products! When do we want them? Now!!

Wet n Wild clearly heard the call because they have launched another awesome collection – The Rebel Rose Collection. A limited edition of skin care and make up that is a must for any collectors that won’t cost a bomb. This week I have trialed the limited edition Photo Focus Rose Toner, Rose Multi Use Oil, and the Perfect Pout Jelly Lip Balm.

picture courtesy of Wet n Wild

I’m the first to admit I’m not super into strong floral scents, especially rose oil, but I was pleasantly surprised by how subtle the fragrance was. Although present, it wasn’t overpowering.

The rose oil comes in a heavy glass bottle filled with real rose petals. A good oil is worth its weight in gold, as it can be used to tame flyaway hair, rubbed in to hands and cuticles, used as a shaving oil and for moisturising dry skin. Perfect for travelling as it does so many jobs.

Spray toners are kinda my jam right now so was pretty chuffed to have a new one. No matter what your skin type, there’s just something about spritzing toner on your face during the day that makes you feel brand new again. Top tip for a hot day is to pop it in the fridge then go to town on your face and neck. Bliss.

As I mentioned in this week’s article about lip care, a decent balm is an essential bit of kit. The jelly balm included in the collection is a translucent,  ultra moisturising stick. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the Rebel Rose lip scrub and four new liquid lip shades. My only issue with the jelly balm is my overwhelming urge to bite it, but that might just be a me thing though.

Picture courtesy of Wet n Wild





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