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Thing’s We’re Lovin’ – MediSpa Acne Treatment


Emma Raho reviews Good Looking Beauty Medispa


I shudder when I think about my teenage skin and how I used to try and treat it. Shout out to all my 90s teenagers! I know you were out there obliterating your epidermis with big bottles of stinky blue liquid so strong, it took the colour out of your mum’s best towels. I know this because I was too and my face still bares the battle scars. 


Professional products like Ultraceuticals and Medik8 make all the difference to how the skin is treated and nourished


The school of thought back then was if everything from the surface of the skin was scrubbed away, the zits will disappear. Flawless logic right? Wrong. Stripping the skin causes it to panic and over produce oil, making the problem worse. It also makes your epidermis dry out so you end up with dry yet oily skin that’s breaking out. Teenage and acne prone skin of any age needs professional help to get it out of the oil/dry cycle and set it on the road to recovery.

Microdermabrasion removes the dead skin, oil and debris from pores making skin bright and clear.

Lily is 13 and has the usual teen situation, patches of acne and dryness. She’s a busy girl that tries her best with her skin care but it often falls short of what she actually needs to keep her skin at its best. Often we don’t realise that young skin also needs the benefits of skilled, professional treatments and starting early can get youngsters into great habits and better skin for life.

Clarifying facemask draws out anything that remains in the pores after the microderm


The team at Medispa know that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to effective skincare and creates an individual, tailor made, treatment program just for you to restore your skin to it’s brilliant best. No more piling on make up to hide problem skin, GLB Medispa treats the source of the problem meaning you can put your best face forward from then on. 

The high tech machines at GLB Medispa work alongside the scientifically proven products to increase their effectiveness


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