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Five Items Every Adult Should Own and Know How to Use


By Lucy Johnstone – Guest Writer


So you no longer live with your parents. You can vote and buy alcohol and all those other privileges which come with age and experience. You value your independence. You’re self sufficient. You’re empowered. You got this. 

If you’re just starting out as a successful adult, or wanting to improve your adulting game, here are five things you need in your life ASAP. Your Mum is going to be so proud.

A robust toolbox 

You’re a grown up now and it’s time to upgrade that one set of tiny screwdrivers you’ve had for years. Invest in some decent tools and you’ll have the means to fix things around the house without having to ask (or pay) for help. Instructions for how to tackle a multitude fix it jobs around the home are just a YouTube video away. Having a tool belt as well, is not only practical, but will also make you feel super sexy.

Pro-Adult status; Owning power tools.

A present drawer

Perhaps you’re new to adulting and still using a present box. Don’t worry, grasshopper, you’ll graduate to a drawer soon enough. It’s where you keep wrapping paper, sellotape, ribbons, gift bags and the like. Whether it’s an upcoming friends birthday you’ve been planning for ages, or an impromptu baby shower in the office, you’ve got the stuff to wrap that gift right there at home.

Pro-Adult status; Having a variety of generic gifts on hand also. No need to shop for purpose. This pro level adult can produce a beautifully wrapped gift for any occasion with a minimum of notice.

Jumper leads

We’re all going to get a flat battery at some stage, but if you’ve got those funky coloured leads in the boot of your car, you’re one step closer to hitting the road again. They’re also great for helping others. Nothing will make you feel like more of a successful adult than being able to put your hand up and say “not to worry, I’ve got jumper leads!” in response to the sound of a car unwilling to start. 

Pro-Adult status- also having a first aid kit, tyre iron, tyre jack, emergency foil blanket and bag of scroggin in your car. Just in case.


No “ugh what am I having for dinner?” for you… you’re returning home at the end of the day to the smell of a delicious meal cooking. A meal you made yourself, at the same time as working. 

No, you’re not a magician, you’re a grown up with a crock pot! Just throw those nutritious ingredients in first thing in the morning, set the timer and you can leave for the day with the smug satisfaction of knowing the guesswork is taken out of your evening routine.

Pro adult status- A weeks meal prep on a Sunday evening, with all matching containers. 

Basic garden tools 

Whether you have an actual garden to call your own, or just a few pots on a balcony, being able to grow and care for plants is another hallmark of the successful adult. If you have a few basic garden tools, you can grow your own fruit and vegetables, herbs or beautiful plants which you don’t intend to eat but are simply nice to look at. 

Plants cleanse our air and bring joy to our living spaces. They’re like pets you don’t need to feed or take for walks.

Pro adult status-propagating your own plants, making your own worm juice fertiliser and/or remembering to organise a friend to water your plant babies when you go on holiday. 

Having the means to care for yourself and others doesn’t require masses of fancy equipment or a whole lot of time. It’s about working smarter, not harder, being self sufficient and prepared for life’s curveballs. Good luck. 




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