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Five Minutes With – Shibani Shetty of Tutla

Sans Pareil took 5 with Shibani Shetty from the fashion label Tutla
Tell us a little about your background. Where did you grow up and how did fashion impact your early years?
I was born in India and most of my childhood was spent in India.
I grew up in the part of India that has the largest producer of silk hence I was lucky to have  had the exposure to fabrics like silk and cotton  at a very early age . I used to love seeing my mom draped in beautiful silk sarees. As a little girl I  used to raid her closet all the time and I still do.
What was it like to move your label from India to New Zealand?
It was always on the plan to move it to NZ so it’s really exciting that it’s now finally happening . And I can’t wait to see the response the label gets from NZ .

What are the main influences on your designs and label?

Fabrics plays a major influence in my designs , I get very inspired by the different textures patterns of  a fabric and how the natural fall of every fabric is so different.

Sometimes it’s the aesthetics that surround me the culture or vibe of a place or country I have travelled to that inspires me.

Your clothes have been worn by some huge names in Bollywood. How does it feel to see a celebrity wearing your label?

When I see a celebrity in TUTLA  I feel the label is getting acknowledged and that is a great motivation for me to do better and keep going.


You’re currently rolling out some new designs. Can you give us the behind the scenes  story on the new pieces?

Beautiful liberty printed pant suits to voluminous sleeve dresses , ruffle hem skirts , flowy slip dresses , Broderie Anglaise dresses are an intrinsic part of this collection instantly setting the mood of summer in the French Riveria. The liberty toile print incorporated in this collection is iconic and heritage spanning a period of over 80 years.

What has been one of the best moments of your design career to date?
The best moment was when Radhika Apte wore the brocade pan suit on the red carpet for TIFF . It was also very special because she was one of the first celebrities to wear the brand and at an international platform meant a lot.
Looking back, Is there anything you look back on and wish you had done differently?
When you are a new brand you are learning everyday so I don’t think I could have done anything differently there is always something to learn.
What is your vision for TUTLA 10 years into the future?
In 10 years I want TUTLA to be a  favourite brand for kiwis and the rest the world.


If you could give an up-n-coming designer one top tip, what would it be?

If your passionate about it definitely pursue it but do a lot of research before you actually launch the brand ,have a good mentor and most importantly connect with people from the industry. Listen to everyone’s story and journey there is always something to learn from people who have made it in the industry .
Where can we find your collection? 
Currently it’s available online at my website. We hope to be retailing in a few places around NZ soon.



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