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Gender Roles


I recently was lucky enough to meet the lovely Katherine from KAB Jewellery and shoot some of her amazing creations. I was interested in doing a shoot that channelled the gender-bending glam of 80s Grace Jones, while using two traditionally feminine and masculine models.

Both models are wearing clothes that are traditionally either gender neutral or even more commonly seen on the opposite sex, a leopard print faux fur coat for example. The KAB lantern medallions add the perfect final touch to the idea of gender neutral clothing and accessories.

I purposely went for a demure approach, as opposed to something say, David Bowie esk- shocking, because I wanted to show the simplicity of this way of dressing. You don’t need to stick to your gender-dressing lane.

Lastly, I wanted to use only sustainable and/or slow fashion items. So all the clothes are thrifted and the jewellery is from KAB Jewellery which is hand-made in London.

Male Model: Jacob London

Female Model: Robecca Leyden (Me!) 

Jewellery: KAB 

Styling/ Photography: Robecca Leyden





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