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Maximalism – Why I’m Off the Minimalism Band Wagon


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer


I appreciate that I’m writing this at a time where most people are merrily hoofing their worldly possessions off the deck and into a skip because they are no longer “sparking joy”. However as much as I’m pro getting rid of busted lamp shades, lumpy jumpers, and endless broken crayons I just can’t tolerate living in sparse or minimalist spaces.


While I genuinely hate dirt and mess, I’m a space filler. I’m that person that comes to your house warming and enthusiastically tells you you could easily fit a footstool here, another bookshelf here and what about some more pictures? There can never be too much colour, too many cushions or too extensive a gallery wall as far as I’m concerned. My home is little more than a slightly more grown up version of a pillow fort and people either love it, or hate it.

As unfashionable as it is, I’m a maximalist (in the interior decorating sense) which is someone who embraces all manner of colours, textures and artful clutter. It’s a counter to the minimalism philosophy of “less is more”. Maximalists believe more is more, which we have to keep on a tight rein unless we want to end up appearing on a future episode of Hoarders buried under 15 years of newspapers, stained pillows and cat hair.

My parents were maximalists before it was a thing. The house I grew up in was full of interesting books, squashy couches and Welsh dressers full of crockery. I’m not sure who my mother was expecting but we had the plates for it that’s for sure. Really I just followed on from this when I got my own place with my own version, minus the Welsh dressers.

Your home is somewhere you should feel completely comfortable, so I’m not really on board with the notion there should be trends or fashions when it comes to interiors past the odd throw or mug. No matter how you style your home, as long as you’re happy, you need to do what works for you in your own personal space whatever that may be. 




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