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Things We’re Lovin’ – Painted Bird Vintage


Life is about the small things that make us happy, and one of those small, lovely things that just make the world a better place is a really good vintage boutique, like North Auckland based Painted Bird Vintage, A carefully curated collection of bespoke handpicked European Vintage Clothing.

Painted Bird in Milford, North Auckland

There are so many reasons to choose second hand, vintage and retro clothing over the fast fashion that bursts out of every mall. For a start it is far better for the environment. Even when it was new, quality vintage was made using excellent fabric and made in far smaller quantities in the cities it was sold in. Local seamstresses were employed to work in a sewing room and paid a living wage. Because of this, the clothing was made with love, not mass produced in a factory a million miles away.

Such cute pocket detail on this checked red jacket

Secondly vintage, and to an extent, retro clothing is truly unique. You can walk into a party and see five other women in the same new dress, however with a vintage piece you’re more likely to see a giraffe helping itself to the punch than someone in the same outfit.

This two sectioned dress is perfect for the office

We talk a lot about op shops but vintage boutiques have all the good points of your local charity shop, but without the hit and miss of trying to find a truly incredible piece. Stephanie King of Painted bird sources her exquisite collection from Italy, France and all over the UK. She also works and trades with private collectors to curate stock she knows her clients will love. Stephanie knows when she has selected just the right outfit for her client. “It’s all in how they emerge from the changing room. There’s a slight swagger in their walk. That’s when I know they’ve found the one”.

Stephanie also stocks a range of sustainable and ethically made jewellry. These earrings are made entirely from resin and sand.

Stephanie’s shop is the very epitome of a chic boutique and she is determined to bring back the personal shopping experience by attending to each client and helping them pick out something they will truly shine in.

Vintage shoes. Painted Bird, Milford

Vintage clothing has a past, it has character and as dramatic as this may sound it has soul. Vintage came from a time when women embraced their bodies no matter how they came and Stephanie feels like it’s high time we got back to embracing our post baby bellies, chicken legs, small boobs and whatever else we might be rocking and just make the most of what we’ve been given. We couldn’t agree more Steph!

It’s a myth that vintage clothing only comes in small sizes. Steph shows a beautiful dress and cape that will fit a modern size 18



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