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Acne Myths Busted!


By Emma Raho -Staff Writer


If you haven’t completely wrecked the skin on your face at least once whilst trying to get rid of spots and blackheads, are you even over the age of 10?


We’ve all squeezed, picked, furiously scrubbed, and soaked our faces in everything going in an effort to get that Insta perfect skin, but we’re likely doing more harm than good.  


Acne has got to be one of the most misunderstood skin conditions going. That is largely because it’s a pretty complex issue which is super hard to treat at home by yourself. It’s easy to end up feeling a bit frustrated and defeated when these pimples just will not take the hint and go away!! We’re going to bust a few myths that just won’t go away and hopefully set you on the path to a healthier relationship with your complexion.


The Myth – Acne is the result of poor hygiene and being dirty.

The Truth – Properly cleaning your face will reduce excess sebum and build up that lead to spots and blackheads but it will not eliminate it completely. Even those with an obsessive cleaning regime will get breakouts.


The Myth – Wearing makeup makes acne worse.

The Truth – Wearing the wrong kind of make up for your skin type makes acne worse. Oil free foundations are your friend as they are generally powder based and will soak up excess oil, stopping it from clogging your pores.

The Myth – Greasy, sugary food causes acne.

The Truth – No with a little sprinkle of yes. Junk food is not the sole cause of breakouts but loading your body up with simple carbs, sugar and oil isn’t going to help matters. However, if your diet is generally pretty healthy and you drink lots of water the odd cheeseburger or chocolate bar isn’t going to hurt.


The Myth – You must wash your face in really strong cleansers or it’s not getting your skin clean.

The Truth – Very harsh face washes usually contain ingredients not too dissimilar to washing up liquid. These may clean the face in a way but they also abilterate all the stuff that’s supposed to be there too. These types of cleansers dry out the skin, cause dryness and dehydration as well as not even getting rid of pimples. A gentle, natural cleanser or exfoliator is the way to go. This removes the dirt and debris without turning your face into a wasteland.


The Myth – Only pre-teens and teenagers get acne.

The Truth – Acne can strike at any age although it is more common in those from age 11 to early twenties. Women can also experience acne depending on where they are in their cycle. Fortunately adult acne is generally pretty easy to get sorted at a dermatologist or high end medi spa.


The Myth – Toothpaste is amazing for getting rid of zits.

The Truth – I wish this one would just die. Toothpaste is not designed to be applied to the skin and all it really does is dry the surrounding area out. When the pimple goes away you’ll be left with a dry, irritated, flaky patch of skin that will take a while to heal. If you’re really desperate for a cheap, home fix crush up an aspirin with a little water and apply as a paste.


The Myth – Squeezing zits makes them go away quicker

The Truth – For many of us it’s pretty satisfying to squeeze a massive spot and get all that stuff out. However, it’s not the actual squeezing, it’s the way we squeeze. Digging our nails into our skin, squeezing until it bleeds and generally inflaming the skin in the area can lead to scarring and infections. A squeezed pimple doesn’t necessarily go away any faster than a non squeezed one. If you really can’t resist, go to a professional who can properly extract the spots without doing lasting damage.




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