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Things We’re Lovin’ – Wet n Wild Megaglo Face Mist


Emma Raho reviews Wet n Wild Face Megaglo Mist


I never saw the point of setting spray until I actually tried one. Much like decent eye cream, I never bothered until I gave it a go for a week and realised what a difference it made. 


As part of Wet n Wild’s new Crystal Cavern Collection the brand has dropped a handbag size facial mist that acts as both a refresher and a makeup setting spray designed to keep that ‘just applied’ look all day and into the evening. 


With a price point of $12.99 it’s as easy on the wallet as it is to apply. It’s not always true that more expensive cosmetics are always better and more affordable brands have been upping their game recently in regards to the quality of their products. 

On application over my regular makeup the spray dried down fast, didn’t smudge my mascara or the eyeliner I had two tantrums over and didn’t really have much of a fragrance. There was a very slight shimmer, almost like a slight dewy but not an early 2000s body glitter type situation.  


I applied it several times throughout the day because I love a good spritzing (not a euphemism) and it definitely kept my makeup fresher than it would have been had I not used it.


Top tip – If you have oilier skin, blot before you spread or you’re just going to end up a shiny mess.


Final thoughts – Definitely a handbag essential for either a night out or a day in the office.


Wet n Wild Facial Mist is available now from Farmers NZ now. 




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