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New Zealand Hair and Beauty Expo – Our Show Picks


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer


We’re always on the lookout for amazing brands and products to try out for you. As always, our focus is sustainable, natural, cruelty free beauty that actually works. With this is mind we decided to head down to the New Zealand Hair and Beauty Expo held at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds to check out what’s hot right now. 


Tuel from Cosmetologists Pro Beauty Supplies


First of all, I love how these products are packaged. It was the kind of display that gives my credit card a little tingle and brings out my too much gene. However, on chatting with the wonderful Ammy and James I discovered the products weren’t just a pretty face. Free from harsh chemicals like phthalates, sulfates and parabens, completely vegan and recyclable packaging. We all know the proof of the pudding is in the testing so James set to work trying out the company’s signature product system – the Deep Pore Cleansing System –  on my hand, which looked and felt incredible after one use. The cleansing oil and herbal toner quickly and effectively pull all the dirt and make up from the deepest recesses of your face, leaving skin fresh and clean without stripping the top layer off.  For more information, click here. 


The gorgeous James giving me a product demo

Eco Tan from Eco by Sonya Driver


As a very pasty ginge I’m always a bit nervous around fake tan. The orange patchy tan is bad enough, but it’s doubly disastrous when it actively clashes with your hair! Eco tan take tanning seriously. They know you don’t want to smother yourself in a toxic soup, so they use ingredients from nature to not only bronze your skin, but to also nourish and repair it. They also understand that everyone requires different levels of tanning at different paces and stages. From the gentle hint of colour for pale skin through to a bold bronze look for dark olive skin. There really is something for everyone, be it at home or a salon spray tan. For more information, click here.

Natulique New Zealand


While we make conscious decisions about our hair care at home, when we visit the hairdressers the choice is largely taken out of our hands. That’s why Natulique NZ supply organic, ethically made products for both home and salon. The factory where the range is produced is powered by wind and the products are packaged in packing peanuts made of corn, meaning Natulique is environmentally friendly right from factory to client. Even the colour bowls and brushes are made from plant based material. Less plastic waste is always a plus. Natulique prove it is possible to produce a product on a large scale without it having to be an environmental disaster. For more information, click here

Curly hair stuff! Excite

Empathy Guides


This isn’t technically a beauty product but it honestly deserved a place on the top picks for being such an amazing concept. Any hairdresser, beautician, massage therapist, or nail tech will tell you  clients often share their concerns and worries with them. A lot of service providers find themselves acting as an unofficial counselor and can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and ill equipped to handle this extra aspect to their job. The Empathy Guide run courses for these providers, teaching them basic skills used by counsellors. How to talk about difficult topics, skills to care for yourself and your colleagues and provides access to a professional community of support. In a society of increased anxiety, depression and other disorders it’s a valuable skill set to add to your professional portfolio. For more information, click here. 




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