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Seven Top Tips For a Successful Girls Holiday


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer

At the grand age of 38 I have just returned from my first girls only overseas holiday to Sydney. As a group we’ve done plenty of road trips around New Zealand along with a handful of camping adventures, but this was our first toe-dip into going abroad together. 

In five nights we managed to smash all the worst stereotypes about female friendships. There was no bitchiness, no awkwardness, and no Geordie Shore style dramatic showdowns. The eight of us had a lot of fun, saw the sights, took a million photographs, and generally just had ourselves a great time. I would 10/10 recommend going overseas with your best mates, it was so good for the soul and our sanity. 

Siiiiiiiiidney. My friend Jess and I were already practicing our Sydney accents as the plane was landing. Sorry locals

For anyone out there thinking of grabbing the girls and your passport here are a few tips from us to make your holiday a little easier.


  1. Plan flights, accommodation, and transport well in advance This is especially important if one person is booking on their credit card and others are paying them back so everyone has plenty of time to save up and get sorted.
  2. Don’t have a set in stone schedule. We all have different energy levels and not everyone wants to do the same thing at the same time. The best approach is to go with the flow and for people to not be afraid to do their own thing and all meet up later.
  3. Uber Eats is your friend after a long day of exploring. In any group there will be different tastes and dietary requirements so getting it all taxi’d over with minimal messing around is a gift from above.
  4. On the first day figure out where the supermarket, liquor store, and a cafe that does good breakfast and coffee is. Then go for a walk and get your bearings.
  5. I’d personally recommend either a city break or resort for a group so there is plenty to occupy everyone. Country cottages seem like a great idea until the fuse box blows and the only other beings for 15 kilometres are cows and cicadas. 
  6. Remember you’ll be splitting costs so you can treat yourselves to things like valet parking if it only works out as a couple of bucks each. The more people there are the more you can spread the costs.
  7. Remember everyone has their little quirks and this is a situation in which you have to be pretty forgiving. Some people want to party while others want to sleep, some people need to take themselves off for an hour or two of introversion, some people have random stuff they feel a bit ‘funny’ about, some people eat a whole punnets of olives and spend the night pumping out farts that could take the paint of the walls… Just remember these are your chosen people and you love them, not despite these things, but because of them.


Happy holidays 




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