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New Zealand Fashion Week – Campbell Luke Steals The Show


Day 3 of NZ Fashion week was packed full of collections and pieces guaranteed to catch the eye andrestore the viewers faith in the New Zealand fashion.
The absolute highlight and stand outs came in the powerful, poignant and engaging collection by
Campbell Luke and the gritty, industrial pieces strutting down the runway for Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Both compelling, but in very different ways, each more than a runway show, each playing on the
power of spectacle.
Campbell Luke opened with a powerful film, using an art installation in conjunction with his
collection to convey his heritage and a social commentary around his culture, merging the past,
present and the future all beautifully done in soft following fabrics, with light almost colonial dress cuts, the colours never deviating from pastels and white. This tied in with the soft touches of Māori heritage accessories drew the viewer into a rhetoric tied in with the cultural identity of the designer.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – AUGUST 28: A model walks the runway during the Campbell Luke show during New Zealand Fashion Week 2019 at Auckland Town Hall on August 28, 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images)

Campbell Luke Show.
Campbell Luke Show.
Campbell Luke Show

Perhaps the most powerful part of the runway show, was the music, perfectly suited to theme,
perfectly executed in the form of a Kapa Haka group singing in the top gallery, their voices
reverberating around the venue, perfectly complimenting the collection. Literally one of the best
shows I have ever attended, a perfect merging of spectacle, art, fashion and cultural identity.
On the flip side of Campbell Luke, Stolen put on a gritty industrial runway show where the high
intensity and visceral showman ship grasped the audience like a back hand to the face, but in a good way. The shock factor elevated the heartbeat, along with the pumping industrial sound and kick-ass pieces moving down the runway. Situated off site at the Avondale racecourse, I arrived to a certain type of viewer, with a definite aesthetic (myself included), a bunch of like-minded individuals milling around in denims, beanies, hoodies and satin mid length skirts.
The runway was long, lengthy and outdoors. Scaffolding had been set up above the runway with
harsh white spotlights glaring down and oil bins littered the runway, essentially guaranteeing your attention was caught.

The show opened to bins being lit one by one and then fast paced, pumping music attacked the
senses. The pieces that started coming down the runway, were like old friends, playing to my fashion
desires, double denim, white leather style cowboy boots, double red leather, snakeskin in vibrant
red, hoodies under long woollen coats, neon greens, and cheetah patterned fur coats. All wearable,
all with a street minded vibe. All and all pieces I would buy, a show I wish I could watch on repeat,
and a bunch of like-minded people I hope to see again.

Another stand out was the grad show, which excited and wowed, with forward thinking pieces, as
the audience looked at future power hitters of NZ fashion. The absolute fav of the show Kyra





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