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Questions to Ask Your Stylist Before You Get a Haircut


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer


We’ve all experienced that heart dropping feeling when our highly anticipated new cut looks like a six year old got hold of their mother’s fabric scissors and went to town. It may not even be a bad cut, you just hate it and it’s nothing like you imagined it would look.

This disastrous situation is far less likely to happen if you have a full and frank conversation with your stylist before you put on the cape. So what are some good questions to ask to ensure you don’t end up choking back the tears whilst mumbling “mmm lovely” during the final reveal?  


Is this a high maintenance cut?

Basically am I going to need to set aside actual time to sort it out in the morning and if so how long? If you’re not a morning person high maintenance cuts are a bad idea when the bulk of your morning consists of staring at the wall whilst wearing a wet towel, sucking back a bucket of coffee, and then driving like a crazy person because you’re going to be late again. However, if you’re generally good at mornings you can experiment with a cut that needs work before you head out of the door.

Can you show me how to style it before I leave?

Being in the salon can go by in a haze and a lot of the time when it comes to styling our new cut the next day we can’t remember a damn thing she did with it. Before you leave get her to show you how to replicate the look step by step. Take notes or video it. Sure, doing that is a little out there but I’ve been stung by my own lack of concentration too many times now to care if I look a bit weird.


How often do I need to come in to maintain it?

If you’re going for a super short pixie style you’re obviously going to have to get it trimmed more often than longer hair. Do you have the time and finances to keep up with the style you’ve picked out? If not you may have to stick to a style that can tolerate fluctuations in length.  


Is the cut going to work with my hair texture?

I’m sure hairdressers just love it when we shove a picture of someone with a cut designed for fine straight hair while we ourselves are sporting a head like an overgrown privet hedge. There’s only so much clever cutting, thinning, or thickening techniques they can reasonably do. When first searching for a cut, pick a few out that have the same texture and approximate thickness as yours and you’re less likely to be disappointed.    

Lampshade is not a look.

Am I going to have problems if I want to grow it out?

I went through a phase of really wanting that shaved side look. Problem is I have thick and very curly hair, meaning I’d look like I glued a giant orange puffball to the side of my head when I wanted to grow it out. Future planning your cut is essential unless you’re 100% sure you definitely want that exact style for ever and ever. 


Will it still go up in a ponytail or back in an Alice band?

If you still want to be able to do certain things with your hair it is super important to tell your stylist BEFORE they pick up the scissors. Otherwise it’s just going to annoy you until it grows a couple of inches 


Is this going to suit my face?

It may well look incredible on the model but to my lasting regret I do not look like Cara Delevingne or Kaley Cuoco. The stylist and I need to to decide if I’m gonna look more like I’m hitting the red carpet in Hollywood or Pak n Save in Huntly. Even if you’ve got the texture matched perfectly it’s no guarantee it will actually suit you. Your stylist will probably have a good idea from experience so if she warns against it, listen. All the times I threw caution to the wind I immediately regretted it and went to buy a hat immediately after leaving the salon.


This article was brought to you by bitter experience and an extensive collection of head scarves and hats.



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