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Things We’re Lovin’ – Queers and Wares Night Market.


You ever see someone wearing a really standout, awesome t-shirt, or a jacket with a bunch of cool patches and pins and think “where did they get them from?”. The answer is likely a local small business that can be found at craft fairs and markets around the country. After all, if you want something truly unique, it’s best to find individual crafters that pour their creativity and love into their designs. With this in mind, we decided to head into the city last Thursday to check out the opening night of the Queers and Wares Night Market.

Queers and Wares is an LGBT+ focused night market held at the Basement Theatre in Auckland’s CBD and is organised by Queer AF. Selling a wide selection of merchandise along with information booths, a bar, and the Wiseboys vegan food truck (hands down some of the best burgers in Auckland) It’s an amazing place to support our hard working local artists. Q&Ws is a fun, and lowkey Thursday night out for the rainbow community and allies.  

While the market is open to all, if you’re thinking of heading down please note this is a queer space and the market and merchandise for sale reflects this.

Bow ties!!



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