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Fashion Week 2019 – End of Week Picks


By Emma Raho – Exhausted Staff Writer


Ok, we may well have lost track of the days somewhere in the middle of New Zealand Fashion Week, but we didn’t lose our focus on the shows and events we really connected with and loved. 


With so much going on over the course of the week it’s so hard to pinpoint favourites which is why we try to avoid that word. Every label attending has put their soul into the collection they show and we love and appreciate every single designer and their team. However, there were two shows at the end of the week that really grabbed us by the heart and refused to let go.


Our first pick is Starving Artists Fund. Natasha Ovely’s label caught our attention some time ago with her bold, high art designs that challenged gender norms and our ideas of fashion from the get go. Ever unconventional, Natasha announced SAFs first show at NZFW by posting screen-shots of some of the hateful comments she received from Instagram users who couldn’t get their heads around her gender fluid style. She wrote on the post “I’ve always wanted SAF to be a community in itself, where people feel safe to be who they truly are without repressive expectations of society. I’m not fazed by people’s threats to run me over with their car. I will keep making fearlessly and representing you.” I’m actually not sure I could adore her more!

True to her core values Natasha used a range of models with completely different looks to showcase her collection. Presenting the streetwear cool of jeans, DMs and urban colours juxtaposed with pops of metallic and gauzy wearable art set Starving Artist Fund aside from the rest and cemented her status as one of the most creative designers this year. 


Check out selected pictures from the Starving Artists Fund show below



Starving Artists Fund
Starving Artists Fund
Starving Artists Fund
Starving Artists Fund
Starving Artists Fund

Our second is Not For You. Jerome Taylor’s label launched in 2016 and in that time has skyrocketed from the grad show and into headlining Thursday night on the main runway. The whole venue was packed to the rafters and the atmosphere was electric before the music had even started. Jerome set the tone for his show with a hip hop flavoured opening that proved he knows how to put on a show that his audience will instantly connect with. 


The collection itself was some of the best kiwi made street wear you can get. As I was watching the show I couldn’t help but compile an internal wishlist of all the pieces I would buy for myself (Santa is definitely getting a letter about the yellow jersey). It’s the clothes you see cool people wear to cool events while you secretly wonder where they got it from. If you love the ‘looking good effortlessly’ vibe NFY is your new go-to. 


Check out selected pictures from the below

Not For You. Photograph by Sarah-Jane Stringer from Sarah-Jane Creative
Not For You. Photograph by Sarah-Jane Stringer from Sarah-Jane Creative
Not For You. Photograph by Sarah-Jane Stringer from Sarah-Jane Creative
Not For You. Photograph by Sans Pareil


Honorable mentions go to Stan Walker for always giving the crowd a chuckle as he struts it in on the runway and to Anika Moa who opened for the Zambesi show. Her raw and soulful music always touches my heart and Friday night was no different. I’m not crying, you’re crying!!

Stan Walker – Photograph by Sarah-Jane Stringer from Sarah-Jane Creative


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