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Five Minutes With – Lincoln Van Vught

Many of us will recognise Lincoln Van Vught from the runways of New Zealand Fashion Week. However, far from the glitz and glamour of the fashion circuit, Lincoln was living through some painful experiences. He decided to channel his healing process through his love for creativity and music with the end result being a brand new album Maximillian
We sat down with Lincoln for a chat about the transition between modelling and making music and the journey to get there.
What made you make the transition from model to musician? And had you always been musically inclined?
I’ve always been musically inclined and always wanted to be a musician but it’s so also so personal to me that I’ve always been afraid to share it. I decided to transition over to music because you can’t put a restriction on talent and I felt the fashion industry wasn’t a authentic representation of me . I will still be doing some fashion however because music and fashion goes hand and hand .
What’s the motivation behind this album?
About two years ago I went through a really dark time in my personal & professional life as a model. I become clinically depressed. I was in a relationship with one of the most high profile celebrity stylists in New-Zealand and was being disrespected by him. There was lots of cheating happening and just wasn’t gonna have that . I confronted him about it and he did not like it at all, so he decided to try and blackball me from the industry. Due to the heartbreak & disappointment I needed a release, I needed to get my emotions out so I started writing music to heal myself and the more I wrote the better I felt . Today I am completely healed from that experience and that is why I’ve decided to release what I’ve written and recorded to the public in hopes that it helps someone else in a similar situation. All I want for my music to do is heal because I feel like that’s really what art is supposed to do .
Tell me about the journey the listener will take when they download the album? 
It tells a story from the first track to the track Hello . The beginning of the project is kind of slow and emotional letting listeners know my emotions and what I was going through , then the last track “Hello” is kinda of my rebirth track it’s when you realize to the fuck you are haha .
Who musically inspires you?
I love lots of different artist from different eras from Micheal Jackson to Kid Cudi , Frank Ocean , Stevie Wonder , Tyler the Creator , Beyoncé , Kanye… the list goes on
Will there be more music releases in the future?
There will definitely be more releases coming in the future so stay tuned
Will you be playing live anywhere?
As of now I haven’t got anything booked but most definitely be lining up performances. Venues and dates to follow
How can we get your album?
Maximillian is currently on Apple Music and will be available on Tidal & Spotify at a later date.
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