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MCA Presents: Futuology


The very best the Istituto De Moda Burgo Milan has to over in next generation talent.

This Season the academy has collaborated with London based International Fashion Creative Director and Educator Joseph Toronka, who specialises in promoting international emerging and independent designers with a showcase featuring three distinctive and diverse labels.“Our collaboration was a dream come true for me, to be able to work with MCA and the pool of talent hey have produced and to work with some of their current students at their base in Shenzhen wasen lightening. Their mission of creating designers with a truly global perspective and appeal is evidentinallthe collections showcasing. I was fortunate to work very closely with all three from the start of the process, experiment and developing ideas utilising innovative technology to do so an amazing learning curve for me too. We were fortunate to have access to the skills of the various departments fromMillinery to Jewellery, fabric development to draping and the expertise of the garment development teams. It was amazing to be able to unite and see the whole institute work together. I am excited about this inaugural season, but more so for the possibilities of our future

MCA’s collaboration with The Istituto De Moda Burgo Milan provides access to a global emphasis on education and current development in industry practices. The result is a system that is based on practical experience and mentorship for varied specialised fashion and accessories programmes that are condensed into highly efficient short-term professional courses.



Li Longwen





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