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NZFW19 – The Outfit Diary


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer


As we all know, at NZFW the fashion focus isn’t just on the runway. Whether you’re a guest, a brand ambassador, an influencer, or media your outfit gets noticed. However, if like me you’re someone that has to work long days on your feet, outfits have to be carefully selected to be both practical and on point. 

As fun as being fully decked out in white chiffon would be, this isn’t really appropriate clothing for rolling around on my knees in the photography pit getting those all important pictures, and by the same token, I can’t wear the same ripped jeans and my ancient Pantera shirt for networking with all the different people who attend. 

That’s why we partner with both local designers and well known international brands to strike the right balance of looking and feeling amazing throughout the week.

Whether you’re needing some inspo or just curious about what I wore over the week, I’ve catalogued everything I wore and why it worked (or didn’t)

My hero Converse sneakers.

Monday –

This Tutla liberty print suit comprising of the Seillans Liberty Cigarette Leg Trousers and the Les Baux-de Liberty Blazer was perfect for the opening ceremony. It was stunning to look at, complimented my red hair, and most importantly kept me pretty warm. I paired this suit with a twenty year old Nirvana T because… well because I could really. I briefly considered heels then I laughed and laughed because this is not my first rodeo. So I threw on my brand new Chuck Taylor All Star VLTG Mission-V’s. Best decision ever. Not only did they work with everything, they gave me some much needed extra height (important when you’re 5ft 3’ and your boss is 6ft) and they were comfortable immediately. No mucking about breaking them in, they were

Tutla Liberty print suit, Converse, and an old TTuesday – 

Still getting used to my first ever set of acrylic nails carefully constructed for me by the wonderful Art of Nails in Albany. The nails are flawless and beautiful, however I’m a clumsy idiot who can’t stop poking myself in the eye with them. In honour of said beautiful, pointy, goth nails I wore a fully black, op shopped outfit in the name of sustainability, comfort and warmth. Fluffy crop jumper $5 from the SPCA shop and black linen pants $7 from the Hospice shop. Leather jacket not in shot came second hand from a friend. I paired this outfit with the Converse again because I love them and true love lasts forever.

Tuesday was op shopped and Converse

 Wednesday –

I was in the office all day while the gorgeous Ash and Shiv headed into the city to represent SP. Outfit was pyjama pants and my boyfriend’s hockey jersey which I paired with a messy bun. This is the reason there is no accompanying photo. For the first time ever I didn’t spend my down-day with sore feet because I’d been in comfy sneakers for the last two days. Win!


Thursday – 

After my all black outfit I decided I needed a burst of colour to swap up my pallette. I was gifted some amazing yellow shorts from Tutla, and even though it was miserable, cold weather they still worked really well with black tights. It’s nice to own a truly versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up and down and these shorts definitely fit that category. Feeling a bit daring, I decided to match it with my beloved yellow Stolen Girlfriends Club snake shirt. Momentarily considered heeled boots but ended up in the Converse because I didn’t want to be limping by 8pm. Coming home very late and needing a torch to get up the driveway had the unexpected bonus of discovering my Converse are reflective. Finally, at the grand age of 37 I have the reflective sneakers I’ve wanted since 1986. 

Thursday was all about the yellow Tutla and Stolen Girlfriends Club
Stolen Girlfriends Club snake shirt

Friday – 

For the final day I went with a retro late 80s/early 90s look with a long denim pinafore dress from Painted Bird in Milford. I was lucky enough to have a styling session with owner Stephanie. I love vintage and retro clothing so I was pretty excited with the outfit we put together after trying on a million. Underneath I wore a lace slip from the 1960’s that still had the tag on. What an awesome score. Thought I might change the footwear up too with a pair of cream limited edition Dr Martens Pascal Tattoo Boots that I got second hand in the UK. Out of shot was my big fluffy leopard print jacket that I love and everyone else hates.

Friday’s are for Painted Bird Vintage and Doc Martens

Honorable mention goes to Wet N Wild make up for sending me everything I needed to put my best face forward all week. Thanks team.  





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