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The Five Types of Tired


By Lucy Johnstone – Guest Writer


I’m not gonna lie. It’s a tiring world. Navigating our way through life is a bit like paddling a canoe on a raging river whilst trying to avoid the rocks. On one hand it’s exciting, which is great. On the other hand it’s exhausting. Not so great. 

To be your best self, it pays to pull that canoe over to the sandy shore and take a break regularly. Here are some strategies to address the different types of tired. Think of them as different rocks in that proverbial river, and ways to avoid crashing your canoe into them

Uninspired tired 

We all have those things we do to feed our innate human desire to be creative. Some of us paint, some do origami, some make cupcakes. Everyone has at least one activity they regularly take part in which satisfies their creativity. But sometimes, life gets busy, and other, less inspiring pursuits take precedence. Things like housework, going to the dentist or replying to that stack of emails that has been niggling at you. While it’s definitely important to attend to that stuff, it’s equally as important that you carve out some time for things that make your heart sing. Otherwise you’ll start to feel uninspired. And that’s just meh…

Out of routine tired

You know the feeling. You’re on holiday, you’ve had an amazing time, but something inside you yearns for home. You miss your pets and your own bed and that mug you drink your morning cup of tea out of. You’re out of routine and that’s tiring. Luckily there’s usually an easy fix for this; get yourself settled back into your home and familiar routine and in no time you’ll be back to your usual energetic, cheerful self. 

Screen tired 

Social media, email, all those alerts we receive from the ever demanding phone in our hand. Yes they’re helpful but they can also be overwhelming. Social media fatigue is a thing, and anxiety around our digital life is steadily increasing internationally. So if you ever find your phone is making you feel stressed or just plain old tired, it might be time to address this. Take a break from your social media, make your bedroom a screen free zone, ensure you have at least two hours a day away from your phone, spend time in nature, or do all of those things. Your mind will thank you for it. 

Physically tired 

Usually this one is simple. You didn’t get enough sleep. Now you’re in a sleep deficit and need to catch up. Make yourself a priority and have an early night as soon as possible. 

However if you find yourself constantly tired, it could be that your body is trying to tell you something. I suggest a visit to your GP. Chronic tiredness can indicate anything from low iron levels to depression. At the risk of sounding like my mum, it’s not something you should ignore, and you need to get onto sorting that, darling. 

Too much of one thing tired 

You know what they say. Everything in moderation, including moderation. When you have too much of one thing, it gets tiring. I haven’t touched a TimTam since the girls at work and I polished off three packets in one day. It made me physically ill. Red wine and I also parted company for the best part of 15 years for similar reasons. I love warm sunny weather, but after weeks and weeks of summer, I begin to crave the chill of winter. Variety really is the spice of life. Avoid too much of one thing tiredness by mixing things up regularly. Try a different class at the gym, taste new foods, don’t overdo it on the Merlot. 

Life is all about balance, and as we navigate our way down that river, there will inevitably be obstacles. But if we listen to our bodies and prioritise both our physical and mental well-being, that canoe ride will be a whole lot smoother. Happy sailing, beautiful people. 





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