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Good Magazine Spring Sustainable Style


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer


Last Sunday I spent a fabulous day at the Good Magazine Spring Sustainable Style event held in Chandelier Room at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland City. The Cordis being the only EarthCheck Platinum accredited 5 Star Hotel in Australasia. Something I didn’t know previously, but good to take into account when choosing a venue in the future. 


The whole event was simple and  beautifully put together with amazing collection showcases from sustainability focused labels Ovna Ovich and Mina, with a live Q&A with their respective founders, Marina Davis and Natalie Procter. All of which was going on around us whilst we enjoyed a delicious deconstructed high tea created by executive chef Volker Marecek


Food and fashion is my idea of heaven and I felt like the fanciest of fancy ladies sipping delicious Kono wine and nibbling snacks that looked like works of art. I may even have popped a pinky finger out at some point in the afternoon. I now know that a carrot explosion has nothing to do with dropping a stir fry and I’d never make it as donut decorator, despite the fun I had trying. I also now know that Ovna Ovich and Mina are two awesome kiwi labels that are worth looking out for. I was super impressed with Natalie and Marina’s take on elegant everyday wear and their passion for ethical style.


Huge thank you to Events Producer Emily and Editor Carolyn for a wonderful event, and amazing goodie bag. I can’t wait to try out all the great products. 




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