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I LOVE FOUR SEASONS – Spring Summer 2020 “Contemporary Creature”


I LOVE FOUR SEASONS (ILFS) was devised by Lithuanian artist Emily Walls. A designer at heart, Walls uses the runway as her outlet to showcase her keen eye for creativity. Based in the UK, I Love Four Seasons draws inspiration from the 60s and 70s – think David Manusco when he opened The Loft in NYC. Walls manipulates modern fabrications, catapulting textiles into a modern, experimental collection geared towards female performers.


The process of each look is as unique as the design in question. Rather than sketching complete outfits, Emily sources her fabrics through her travels around the world. Purchasing her materials first and then piecing together looks is just one of many unique approaches that make ILFS a truly special label. It really is a celebration of femininity, and a reflection of fun times.


The message from ILFS is clear: you only live once, make it count. 


“Contemporary Creatures” champions head to toe looks in liquid red, gold and silver whilst pops of psychedelic green and purple only add to the playfulness of ILFS. 


Walls mood board often nods back to some of the incredible women she counts as friends who are independent, opulent and pillars for the new wave of women yet to find themselves. These majestic beings paved the way by being simply outrageous; they rocked hot pants, they owned the platform and they would not be halted by anyone.


There is a logical, mathematical explanation for why the 70s have been pronounced chic by Paris fashion week. The 90s are the new 70s, and the 70s are the new 50s. This is because when the 70s were the recent past, they were cringe-makingly close to home, and therefore easy to poke fun at. Now, the 90s are the relatively recent past and so 90s revivalism has become fashion’s go to gag.


This 70s rehabilitation has been quietly happening for a little while. There is a look that radiates outward from the catwalks of ILFS, each look is nightclubbing album cover-worthy, from the bikinis under full length coats to the disco helmets. If you think the 70s are naff, well, babycakes, you are so last season.


Scroll down for our favourite looks of the collection










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