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Op Shop Challenge


At Sans Pareil we talk an awful lot about about why you should thrift/op/charity shop hunt for three pretty solid reasons: it will save you money, it will open your mind to new styles, and it’s kinder to the environment. However, what’s the reality of the average op shop on an average day? The chances are you won’t find a Deadly Ponies handbag for $10 (although nothing is impossible and I’m living in hope) but you will likely find some unique and inexpensive bits to add to your wardrobe or home.


With this in mind I challenged myself to go to 4 of the op shops in my local area to see if I could score anything I needed or really wanted on an average Tuesday with a maximum of $40 to spend. No ancient decorative soap packs soaps, no commemorative Charles and Di mugs, no dusty dolls that are definitely going to come alive and kill me in the night – Just normal everyday stuff I’m actually going to use.

Challenge accepted

A whopping $37 later I have in my possession – One pair of wool checked pants, one pair of bohemian harem pants, two scarves (one skinny, one fat, both colourful) one pair of pyjama pants, two books, one work jacket, one swatch of material to make a peg bag from because I’m sick of those crappy plastic baskets, one tray, and two crystal wine glasses. Not a bad haul really considering I didn’t leave my own sleepy lil’ ‘burb in North Auckland.

Thrifting doesn’t have to be hard work and it’s definitely not expensive. As a massive bonus your money will go to a charity such as the Red Cross, The Hospice, The Auckland City Mission, or Women’s Refuge instead of adding to the giant profits of the big box stores. You will be using resources that already exist, rather than creating demand for new clothes, books and homeware that will inevitably lead to yet more waste and environmental damage.

This Saturday is national thrifting day! Ok, it’s not I just made that up, but pretend it is and check out your local oppies for a treasure hunt. Happy shopping.




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