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Things We’re Lovin’ – DB Make Up


Reviewed by Emma Raho – Staff Writer and Guinea Pig


From it’s beginning as an idea sketched out on the back of a napkin to now being one of Australia’s most successful cosmetic brands Designer Brands ( better known as DB) sells millions of high quality products each year at a reasonable price point, meaning everyone gets the opportunity to use high quality makeup without breaking the bank.

As well as being certified vegan and cruelty free, DB is also a pretty good dupe for some of the more expensive products. I used to struggle to afford the one mascara that didn’t smudge all over my face and irritate my eyes until I discovered False & Flared. The DB dupe not only performed the exact same but also cost me $50 less a tube. Win! DB’s lipsticks are incredibly long lasting, pigmented and reasonably kiss proof. With all this good stuff, I was pretty stoked to receive three of the brand new moisturising lipsticks, three of the Pigment Pout lip liners and a tube of the Centre Stage mascara. Can it replace my beloved False & Flared? Let’s give it a go…

Firstly, I’m hugely fussy about makeup and skincare. I’m prone to reactions and rashes so I have to be careful I don’t smother my face in something that turns me into a strawberry. I’m also pretty shit at applying it, so anything that requires any kind of skill is out. Super liquid eye liners with tiny brushes, false eyelashes, sunset effect eyeshadow ensembles – forget it. Make me look better in 10 minutes, preferably less, or I’ve already lost interest.

We have two prize packs to give away to two lucky winners

First up let’s take the Centre Stage Mascara for a twirl. I use eye cream and oil under my concealer so most mascaras transfer, leaving me looking like an Alice Cooper impersonator.

The Result – After seven hours of wear with light make up the transfer was minimal. The formula was also really light and non clumpy. I’d say this mascara was most suited to a subtle, day look. Ideal for teenagers and lovers of a fresh faced, natural aesthetic.

I haven’t used lip-liner since the dark days of dark purple liner matched with lighter, pink pearl lipstick. Don’t judge me, the early 90’s were a wild time. Thankfully make up technology has moved on and lip-liner is no longer akin to a crayon.

The Result – The formula was easy to apply and I was able to  even up my cupids bow without overdrawing my lips and looking ridiculous. The liner definitely helped the lipstick last longer, was highly pigmented and didn’t dry my lips out . Top tip – fill in your whole lip with liner, not just the outside to prevent you looking like a crazy person as the lipstick naturally wears off from the inside out.

I paired the True Crimson liner with the Crimson Red lipstick.

The Result – The lipstick was moisturising but didn’t bleed or move around. It was really comfortable to wear whilst still providing full coverage. It was also easy to remove with no obvious staining

We have two amazing prize packs to give away containing three of the new formula Pigment Pout liners, three moisturising lipsticks and one tube of the Centre Stage Mascara. To enter, head to our Facebook or Instagram and tell us why you’d love to win this amazing prize pack. Tag a make up loving friend mate who would also like to enter. Competition closes at midday on Friday 8th of November.

Lip liner and lipstick give full coverage. Don’t @ me about my application



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