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Things we’re Lovin’ – Nivea Improved Formula Sunblock


Reviewed by Emma Raho


As a card carrying natural ginger there is little I don’t know about sunblock. Everyone burns if they spend to long in the sun, but redheads are in extra danger of going full lobster thanks to our mutated genetics (Still waiting for my invite to join the X Men, so if you’re reading this professor…) The same gene that gives us our red locks also deprives most of us of the pigment essential to sun protection – Melanin.


So given I burn just opening the fridge in the dark, I feel like I have some solid standing when it comes to testing sunscreen. When we add the extra issue of super sensitive and reactive skin it’s safe to say if it works for me, it will likely work for you too.


Luckily the lovely folks at Nivea sent me three different products to try, all with a new and improved formulas that I managed to test out in the four days of summer we had before Auckland became a cold, soggy mess again.

The day I tried the products had a reading of 31 degrees on my car thermometer meaning it was roughly somewhere in between 28 and 33.  Now let’s get down the important stuff in the manner of a school science fair project. 


Type Burn? Stickiness on Skin Scent Ease of application
Protect and Light Feel No This formula is much lighter than the original Nivea and isn’t heavy and greasy. It smells of Nivea sunblock. You already know what I mean by that – When you catch a whiff of it and a million summer memories hit you right in the feels. Yeah like that.  Easier than the classic formula. It definitely spread and absorbs easily whilst still giving full protection.
Sensitive Protect  No Light enough to put on your face if you have normal to dry skin. Absolutely nothing. Perfect for anyone who is sensitive to fragrance or wants to wear perfume without any other scents clashing. This went on like a light body lotion, which is super handy for applying to children as they run past you.
Ultra Sport No This one is probably the most heavy duty of the 3. I’d reserve it for playing sport and the beach when you need to bring the big guns out. Classic Nivea scent This is a slightly thicker formulation so more like the old school sunblocks. However, the payoff is worth it for the level of protection you get.

We have a prize pack of all three formulations to give away to one lucky winner. Simply hit up our FB and/or Instagram to be in to win!





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