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6 Christmas Present Idea Alternatives to Buying Junk People Won’t Use


It’s Christmas and you’re expected to buy presents. If you’re like the rest of us, guilt and obligation mean you’re not quite at the stage where you stay home in your bed for the holidays. SO you gotta get the people in your life some presents to open on Xmas day and you’re mildly aware the Earth’s impending Global Warming doom so you’d quite like to get presents that won’t contribute to this.

Fair enough.

That’s why we’ve put together some totally rad gift ideas that not only won’t be re-gifted but won’t end up in a landfill. Hopefully.

      1. Charity. I know this isn’t that exciting, but it will make you and your receiver SUCH great people for it.  Here is a list of UK charities and here is a list of NZ charities. AND because we love animals here at Sans Pareil, here is a list of animal charities. 
      2.  Get them a voucher to something they need. Everyone needs groceries, and if you cover their shop that week/month then you’re probably doing someone a MASSIVE favour. Same goes for their phone bill etc.
      3. An experience! Take them somewhere (this one is great for kids). Share an experience, a dinner, a picnic (some cool Christmas markets if you’re in the northern hemisphere) a theme park – options are endless and you get to tag along for the fun.
      4. Reusable straws/cups/lunchbox – This is a great smaller gift idea. Does your person drink a lot of coffee? get them a reusable cup! There are some awesome designs to choose from out there to. Just look at all these great options on etsy.
      5. Make them something. This could be baking a cake, to knitting a something to some art! Pick your passion.
      6. Get them classes in how to do something! Most people have something they have always wanted to learn how to do – so why not get them the gift that keeps on giving – lessons or a workshop in said thing.
etsy cup
How cool is this custom reusable cup?

Remember if you do decide that you simply must shop for your presents, then try to go to small and local business. You’re helping the local economy AND you’ll get something truly unique!

Happy gift hunting!

Stay sexy.





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