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London Fashion Week Focus – E.MACBEAN Swimwear


How does wearing a swimsuit make you feel?

E.MACBEAN is a high-end, UK designed and made swimwear brand launching Spring/Summer 2020. Responsibly designed utilising modern quality fabrications and technical development processes, the project is a creative collaboration between wife and husband creative duo, Andrew and Eleanor Ibi.

The creative process starts with photographer and writer, Eleanor, identifying several unique literary heroines extracted from female-authored books. The concept allows designer, stylist and artist, Andrew (along with Eleanor), to visualise design through extensive cultural referencing, covering areas that include literature, film, photography, dance, music and art. Driven by Eleanor’s razor sharp focus, the brand questions perceptions of female beauty,
sexuality and the body through brand communication, reframing swimwear’s purpose as a powerful, female design form. All 10 of the initial designs in the collection encapsulate the spirit of each of the literary heroines, from colour and style, to designing sympathetically for the female body whilst creating silhouettes that are modern and architecturally structured.

E.MACBEAN aims to appeal to a woman’s desire to align with like-minded strong women through a brand that creates products with a deeper sense of connection. The understanding that women have insecurities, that clothing – particularly swimwear – provokes a very specific feeling and anxiety, drives a desire to offer women designs that are mindful in creation and production, and still feel great as individual garments. Taking inspiration from strong women in literature gives a focus to the design but also for the wearing in combating the anxieties around exposing themselves in swimwear.

For the UK launch at London fashion week E.MACBEAN created an art experience that further explored the relationship between the wearer and the vulnerability felt by wearing swimwear, the anxieties it can create and the apprehension around physical exposure.

E.MACBEAN have collaborated with stylist art director Masha Mombelli to explore the relationship between the human body and swimwear in an interactive, experiential evening of life drawing with RCA students, connections and conversations, in the aim of changing the narrative around female anxieties to the exposure of wearing swimwear.

Check out the pictures below of the awesomely creative art class styled launch.

Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize
Photo credit – Crispian Blaize



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