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Twenty Unpopular Opinions – Quarantine Edition


Because it’s lockdown and we’re bored we’ve decide to compile a list of our top 10 most unpopular opinions for your viewing pleasure.

What is an unpopular opinion? An unpopular opinion is the opposite to the the general status quo. It’s disliking something everyone else seems to rate, or liking something everyone else seems to slate. It’s a quick, and needed break from the “Good Vibes Only” pressure because guess what, just sometimes it’s good for you to have a rant about the things that annoy you.

So brace yourselves for the weird ramblings of our Editor in Chief Robecca and Head Writer Emma


1. Taylor Swift – the world doesn’t need diary entries of a basic white girl, put to music.

2. Florence and the Machine – music for Coachella basics.

3. The phrase ‘I’m playing devil’s advocate here’ – cool, great that you’re presuming we all know less than you and your shitty counter argument is a brand new thought that adds any substance.

4. The Kardashians. I know so many people also hate them, but I had to include them because they represent a dumbing of society, and promote the only thing young girls have,is the commodification of their bodies.

5. I don’t think Carol Baskin is the villain of Tiger King. Joe, Jeff and the bigamist guy are way way worse. Why is she being vilified so hard?

6. Onions

7. Saying political beliefs shouldn’t impact relationships – yes, yes it should. If you vote for a party that purposely makes decisions that make life harder for a group of people then you’re actively supporting hate of said group. You can’t turn around and be like ‘heeeey sorry I helped make your life harder, let’s be best friends.

8. Kitten heels – either you’re flat or a heel make up your mind

9. Gaming – Boring and a total waste of time.

10. Friends. American humour kinda sucks, I’m sorry

Taylor Swift isn’t getting added to Robecca’s playlist anytime soon


1. Inventing reasons to post selfies. You look good, you felt great so just post it up without explanation or apology. “Check out my hair” come on now, you know good and well the focus is how banging you look in that body con dress so just say it and be proud of it.

2. Cleaning influencers. Stop trying to make cleaning a hobby for, if we’re being honest, primarily women. Fuck you Mrs Hinch, I will not be dragged back to the dark ages of domestic servitude no matter how many types of disinfectant you have although I secretly want to try them all goddamit.

3. Go Karting. I sat in traffic to pay money to sit in a smaller, shitter car and go round and round a pretend road. I don’t get it.

4. Celebrity opinions. Being in a movie or singing a song does not make you an expert on anything. At best they’re vapid and annoying, at worst they’re genuinely harmful. Looking at you in particular Paltrow.

5. Soap Operas and reality shows like Love Island or MaFS. I can feel my brain leaking out of my ears after 5 minutes of viewing.

6. Steak, ribs and bacon – rank.

7. Burn outs, skids, or any other types of fucking around in a car. Cool you wrecked your tyres, almost had a head-on, and the cops are on their way. Great job I guess?

8. Drinking outside in the dark and cold. There’s a warm, well lit inside. Why are we here and not there? I’m so confused.

9. American sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld, BBT etc. The cheesy overacting, the problematic storylines…  About as entertaining as a yeast infection

10. Getting your knickers in a twist over minor differences of opinion. I don’t mean major things like homophobia or denying the holocaust, I mean getting heated over minor stuff like tea vs coffee, Samsung vs Apple, and shit that really does not matter at all. If you want to watch The Bachelor outside on your deck after a long day of go karting whilst eating a bacon sandwich then go hard, I love you. I’m certainly not going to take it as a personal insult.


Guess there won’t be any Friends re-runs playing at the SP offices then…




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