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Corona Diaries – Day One


By Gregg James Kelly

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, Gregg Kelly from Scotland has been keeping a diary documenting his thoughts, feelings and fears.

Day One

“Civilisation is at stake, there are no second chances, I wish people had paid more attention to world events. This unstoppable plague, is biblical, is corrosive to the very things we hold dear in society.”

It’d be so easy to blame China, blame unsanitary markets. Right now though, blame is irrelevant. Did the passengers of the Titanic harass and heckle the iceberg as it ripped it’s way through the heart and hull of that fated liner? Survival is paramount. Right now people are completely incapable of understanding the severity and substantial danger that we face.

Nature warned us, she threatened us with un-natural weather, natural disasters and impending ecological pestilence. Now we face her unravelled wrath.

Make no mistake about it. Our generation complained that we had no great war, no great challenge, we mistook our vane and fragile mortality as immortality, destroyed everything that dare tap dance its way into our peripheral vision.

And yet, social media, a fair comparison to a modern digital cancer is littered with people hampered by a deadly and delusional nonchalance. Saturated with the consciousness of self centered sentience. People rebelling in dangerous defiance. Party the apocalypse away.

Lives in danger, their fingertips of hollow and vacuous arrogance will be the the digits that bring this civilization to an abrupt end.

This our epoch moment, Rome fell, The Egyptians fell, The Incas fell. Let’s not forget their arrogance and confidence ultimately led to their demise, seemingly at the very peak of their power.

Civilisations are expendable. Do we deserve this planet. It seems Earth has given us a stark reminder that nature is our landlord. We are only renting.

This is day 1. Pray we heed the warning.

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