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Corona Diaries – Day Two


By Gregg James Kelly

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, Gregg Kelly from Scotland has been keeping a diary documenting his thoughts, feelings and fears. Check out the second installment below


“Today we hit the grim and horrifically shocking number of 300,000 worldwide confirmed cases of Corona Virus, (Covid-19) and of that number, more than 13,000 deaths. It seems that we are around 2 weeks behind Italy, which means that the worst is yet to come.

Panic buying and panic merchants are bringing the public’s true nature to the surface, but we can only hope that once the fear subsides and our traumatic situation normalises we can come together as a society, and pull together. Pull together or we fall apart.

Birthdays, deaths, parties, and the pursuit of happiness have been put on hold. Each home and its residents within have become their own intergalactic SOS call. A vastly inexperienced crew reliant on the other for mere survival. Traversing an unknown, almost certainly treacherous sector of deep space. With the singular aim of surviving the darkest night, in the hope of experiencing the brightest morning. HMS Reliant and its crew continue further, plunging blindly into the unknown. What lies in front. No one knows.

For the previous 2 days China has reported no new cases. A glimmer of hope. But the shadow of fear, remains lingering hauntingly in the background. A nation fresh from the taste of death on its palate, holds its breath and waits.”




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