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Flowers From Felix


By Miriama Toms

A year ago I buried my son in a cemetery that is about 3 minutes walk from my house.

When we chose his plot I knew I would create a garden for him, a piece of heaven so that whenever anyone came to visit they would experience some of the beauty of his existence. He was almost 17 when he died in his sleep suddenly and unexpectedly. He had so much to live for; he was in love, he was so intelligent and so creative.  He was going to go study Engineering at University and try to fix this climate mess we have all found ourselves in. Grief is an isolating experience and the grief of losing a child is like nothing else.

I have spent many days planting flowers and watching them grow in disbelief in spite of my world ending. Now everyone is in isolation and the world is breathing, and the cemetery is full of people in their bubbles laughing, riding bikes and enjoying the flowers.

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