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Thirteen Things I Learned From Lockdown


By Emma Raho – Staff Writer


This pandemic has been a tough time on some level for everyone. Whether you were working on the front line, working from home, home schooling, or solely focusing on just getting through and keeping your shit together, none of us have come through completely unaffected. 


Even if you didn’t learn French or read War and Peace in its entirety there are at least one or two things we learned or did during lockdown that will stay for us for the rest of our lives. You can check out mine below but the TL;DR version is – I didn’t learn French or Read War and Peace.


  1. Burgers from takeaways (I don’t like to name names but he was old, and he had a farm) actually taste like a mouthful of tepid vegetable oil. The disappointment on re-opening was real.
  2. Chalkboard paint is an absolute bitch. Tar is more forgiving and easier to work with. I would 10/10 recommend buying a premade black board to avoid the drama.
  3. The disaster movies where groups of people ignore sensible advice and get themselves killed are scarily accurate. 
  4. Having a Prime Minister that actually cares about the welfare of the people they lead makes a hell of a difference to the final outcome.
  5. My partner is really smart and good at his job. I was actually in awe of what he does. He always gets dessert and the good tea now just for being such a smartie pants.
  6. Hairdressers, nail techs, and beauty therapists are actual magicians and I cannot re-create what you do!
  7. My friends are actually my life line to sanity. I’m not sure what I would have done without their support over messenger and Zoom.
  8. Speaking of which, I’m actually shocked and appalled by how I look on Zoom. It needs decent filters, STAT!
  9. If you want to dispose of a body all you need is sardine oil and a tiger apparently.
  10. I’ve conclusively worked out the people and places that are really important to me.
  11. Teachers deserve a billion dollars a year and their own private island.
  12. Same for nurses.
  13. Making bread gives you a warm feeling, especially if you pretend to be Nigella Lawson while doing it.

Here are some tips on getting help and support online during quarantine.




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