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A Quick Guide to FeelinGirl Shapewear


Written in partnership with FeelinGirl

We’ve all seen the ads on Instagram or facebook for shapewear but what exactly is it and how does it work?

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Shapewear is primarily underwear – although shaped outerwear is becoming more and more popular – that fits snugly to your body and pulls in areas such as the stomach and hips, whilst lifting the bottom and breasts creating a smooth silhouette for your favourite outfits. Some shapewear, for instance  waist and thigh trimmer, can be worn whilst working out to physically slim the waist down so eventually, you don’t need the trainer anymore. It’s a more holistic option for those who do not want invasive surgery. Made from a light interlocking material these waist trainers are not stiff or immovable, and will not cause you to overheat and excessively sweat. Their lightweight flexible design means they barely show through clothing. 

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You may have an important even coming up and have picked out your perfect dress only for you to try it on and not feel so confident about how your body looks. An easy and instant solution to this is a set of FeelinGirl best shapewear shorts. The shorts pull the waist and stomach in while lifting the butt and slimming the thighs. With a wide range of shapes and lengths to choose from you can easily match the perfect shapewear to any outfit. When selecting keep in mind the length of your outfit to prevent the shapewear from peaking out from below the skirt. FeelinGirl shorts are also high enough to prevent a “muffin top” effect and will not roll down. Made with super soft yet strong material FeelinGirl Shapewear is comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday to give you maximum control and confidence when you need it most

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