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Black Lives Matter – London

black lives matter london

By Robecca Leyden

A few weeks ago I went along to the Black Lives Matter protests #blm in London. Yes, I broke quarantine and social distancing but I felt it was too important to not go to at least one protest and show support for a movement that really just needs to be over. People have been protesting for too long for this, it’s 2020, racism in all it’s detrimental forms, need to stop.

I also knew that I would be able to quarantine again afterwards, and I would not be coming into contact with medical staff or people at high risk of Covid-19.

Below are some images from the London #BLM protests I took, Some of the signs had such powerful and beautiful messages. If you would like to use these, or see yourself and want he high res – email me.

Note that our next article will be resources and Black people with platforms to follow.

black lives matter london



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