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BLM – Where to Now?


Now that the protests are dwindling and the media is inevitably shifting it’s short attention span to other things, is this the end of the Black Lives Matter movement?

Absolutely not, this is just the beginning of the hard work of real change, the type of meaningful change that comes after the initial intense wave of action and coverage. This is a time for listening, learning, and support.

As white folks, we cannot tell you exactly what PoC need right now, however we can help direct you to various resources that can, both here in New Zealand and overseas. 

Check out the links below for some great resources to help make our world a safe, positive and more equal society. 


We understand this is a really tough time for people financially so the best way to donate at the moment is to run an official BLMs You Tube playlist in the background to accrue advert revenue that goes directly to the cause.

However if you’d like to contribute click here to donate directly to BLM

New Zealand

For more information about New Zealand Māori and Pasifika click here. This is an excellent beginners guide for those wanting to learn more about the issues at home


As well as the staple “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by London based journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge, a comprehensive list of excellent books can be found by clicking here

TV and Movies

If you’re looking for something to watch you can check out a list of movies, and documentaries here.

Social Accounts

Let’s be real, a lot of us get our information from our social media news feeds. There is nothing wrong with this as long as we take care to only follow real news and reputable sources. We’ll start you off with some great accounts to follow and engage with.

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Where is the ENERGY – ANGER – SOLIDARITY for BLACK WOMxN? . . Sometimes I wonder if it had been me, would I also be forgotten? . . I wonder if #breonnataylor was only even considered because of George Floyd. If she was just an accessory to a movement centered around his murder? . . Sometimes I wonder where I’d be… how badly I’d come undone without the comforting knowledge that when the world forgets us, BLACK WOMxN hold each other – Fight for each other – Care for each other. . . Sometimes I wonder how we ended up in such a society so deeply connected to patriarchy that we’ve managed to GENDER POLICE BRUTALITY as something only BLACK CISHET MALES experience. We’re so quick to forget Black womxn. We’re so quick to brush the pile of Black trans bodies under a rug. . . Sometimes I wonder how many fucking arguments I have to have… how many friendships I have to come dangerously close to losing… as I scream at my white friends for missing the fucking point. . . NO! Breonna’s Law was NOT #justiceforbreonnataylor. It was a negotiation. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists, but they expect the Black community within this country to? . . NO! Firing a cop is NOT #justiceforbreonnataylor… especially when the allegations leading to termination were based on wh◽️te women who’ve made sexual assault claims. . . Once again, we see how being clumped in with “all women” only serves as violence against Black women. Breonna’s murder is left without justice, but I’m supposed to “behave & not be divisive because firing a sexual perp is a win for *all women*”…. How many Black women are found dead after rape? Those murders unsolved, boxes checked as homicide or suicide, when it was a sexual assault case? . . How do I cheer for the justice of ◻️ rape victims, when ◻️ women don’t show up or fight for me? For us? For Breonna? Their timelines filled with happiness because they’re so *tired* and so *sad* with politics. . . Sometimes I wonder what exactly passes through ◻️ + NBPOC minds when they tell us to be happy *something* is being done. . . You’re so happy to tell us to enjoy the crumbs of these distractions, when we are STARVING FOR JUSTICE.

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