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Corona Diaries Day 3 – The Tide


By Gregg James Kelly

Days are merging into sunsets, light into dark, day into night, there has ceased to be any relevance. What is time? Life is a ticking clock. We spend half our life running towards it, the latter half attempting to escape it. 

Astoundingly, but disappointingly predictable, society, and it’s atrocious behaviour, continues to shame itself. Hundreds of thousands of people visited various beaches and seasides today on Mothering Sunday. Nationwide condemnation is a hollow and powerless threat to the masked masses, each ignorantly unaware that staring into the Spring sunshine is not the only thing that blinds them. They misguidedly leave the door open to our collective Armageddon, while complaining that McDonald’s has closed every restaurant.

Flights continue to arrive from China, Italy and Iran. China has reported that for the last four days the only new cases brought in are courtesy of imported passengers. American idiots are peddling untruths that this Global Death Flu was concocted in an unsanitary lab in Wuhan. Biological warfare. These same people sharing and retweeting this tin foil muck of a story are almost certainly doing so while taking selfies on the beach. Hashtag CoronaLife.

First 100,000 cases took 3 months

Second 100,000 cases took 12 days

Third 100,000 cases took 3 days.

We might hit one million people by day 7. 

337,469 cases – 14,647 dead. 

The Telegraph reports that in the UK, cases of Covid-19 are multiplying at a quicker rate than that of Italy. The educated and aware brace together, wiping away a single tear, shuddering at what lies ahead.

The same deluded consumer masses, who built their defensive castles out of toilet roll, lowered their drawbridge and went to visit the tide.




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