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Corona Diaries – Day 4 – The Chimera


Day 4 of the new normal, and the wind seems to be leading us on a chorus of haunting harmonies. The song of nature. A sound of deafening silence.

The silence ricochets from echo to gun chamber. Reverberating in a hollow coliseum. Turn the volume up, drown out the vast nothing.

When all else fails, bus drivers revert to type, cutting you off as you approach from behind.

The age-old cliché is still of relevance, “wait ages for one and two come along at once”. Two viruses for the price of one. Scientists are beginning to hypothesize that Covid-19, the little virus that could, is a Chimera, two viruses riding one stallion. Jumping from host to host, human to human, country to country, city to city – ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

If in doubt let’s have a barbecue. Corona may take our lungs, but never our charcoal.

Petrol is a steal at 1.03p, but experts fear that that troublesome little mischief maker lingers on petrol pumps, leaping right into the hearts and minds of the people.

Prices at the pumps are usually a killer, and the companies are making a killing. Supply and demand. Kill the consumer, kill consumerism.

Society heeds the grave warnings evoked by every leader everywhere, flocking to Morrison’s for their essential daily grazing. It’s lucky that deadly viruses also obey loopholes in logic.

Trump prepares to open up colleges and University. Italy gives up and prays to their God.

China zero new cases since March 19 – 5 consecutive days

Infected 422,785, Dead 18,895 

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