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Ready or Not – New Social Distancing Rules Here We Come.


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The British government are implementing the new social distancing rules earlier, helping to relax Britain’s way out of lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock are set to announce that social distancing could be reduced to one metre, which is the shortest safe distance recommended by the World Health Organization. With the reopening of the hospitality sectors and the desire to boost the retail economy, it makes sense for the UK to review the minimum distance recommendations. 

What does it mean for individuals relaxing their ways out of lockdown? One thing’s sure, fashionistas who are now roaming freely outside of their self-isolation zones, have to rethink their apparel. The time has come to leave behind your two-metre-fashion-standards, and create a stylish and safe outfit to embrace the potential new rules. The lockdown has encouraged most of us to transform our beauty routines. Getting ready in the morning is all about putting on cosy loungewear and applying a little make up for your Zoom meetings. However, this will no longer do when we’re out and about. Here are some things to consider if you want to be fashionably safe in post-lockdown Britain…. Or anywhere else in the world! Believe it or not, but looking cute can also be the very thing that keeps you safe – and confident – this summer. Here’s why it matters: 

Fashionable and safe at the same time 

We don’t know much about COVID-19. When it comes to symptoms, reactions can vary hugely from an individual to another. Some people have contracted the virus and yet not shown any signs of illness. Others have been gravely sick. The virus travels through droplets of water in the air, which can enter your system by breathing them into your airways or entering areas of soft tissue, such as your eyes. Protecting your nose and mouth isn’t enough to avoid risks. You need to protect your eyes too. If you’ve been a contact lens wearer all your life, now’s the time to look for a fashionable pair of designer glasses – which you can find it here – to keep you safe. Wearing a pair of glasses presents another superb advantage, when it comes to safety, as they will keep your mask in place. Besides, some designer models will help you transform your look, ready for a brand-new post-lockdown you! 

The second most important feature of your reduced social distancing rule needs to be a mask. Most people have been wearing a mask on public transport and in shops. However, a large number of people have been avoiding masks. Even in the middle of a pandemic situation, people continue to go out and join group gatherings with either no mask or a loose paper mask. If the one-metre distancing rule comes into effect this week or next week, you have no other choice than to invest in a decent mask. Thankfully, you can be creatively fashionable with a mask. Some of your favourite British designers have been busy creating colourful and exciting designs. Bonus: Designers’ covers are not only stylish, but they also raise money for charity. Never has looking good felt so good and been so good for your health! 

How do you look good with a mask on?

If you’ve been avoiding masks until now, you probably are wondering how to make it work. Masks are generally not considered a fashion staple, so it’s fair to say that it can leave even the most creative fashionista in a bit of a pickle. Make-up with a mask is empowering in ways you may not have considered before. It enables you to be as bold on the outside as you feel on the inside, without letting safety come in the way of self-expression. In other words, if you’ve always been a make-up aficionado, protective masks are giving you a new beauty challenge. Should you or should you not wear make-up when you put a mask on? 

The answer is up to you. While there is no right or wrong, don’t feel like you have to give up on your delicate blush, eyeliners, and eye shadows for the sake of COVID safety. Granted, you will have to reconsider your make-up approach. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything. Ideally, when wearing a mask, you need to focus your efforts on what people will get to see: your eyes. Forget vibrant lipsticks because those are only going to be hidden underneath your mask. But eye make-up is now the biggest trend to enhance your protective look. Make your eyes pop! If you’re familiar with make-up artist Shureice Dawn – you can find her on Instagram here – you’ll appreciate her crystal mask and eye look. Shureice has a lot of great eye inspo if you’re not sure what to do. 

Framing your face like a pro but without the help of a pro

When do hairdressers open again? The government recommend July as the earliest opening date. Things might change as new distancing rules are established, but right now, can’t get your hair cut professionally for another couple of weeks. in the meantime you can start experimenting with your overgrown hair. The first lesson to learn is to keep the scissors away. Granted, you only need a quick YouTube search to find a tutorial on how to give yourself a new hairstyle but unless you’re a DIY expert, you’re going to regret your self-styling efforts. It’s a lot harder to cut than it seems! So, learn to make the new length work for your look. The good news, first: you can finally rock that updo style you’ve always wanted. Another look that is worth trying this season is a tasteful head wrap. Accessories can completely transform your hairstyle and add sophistication. 

The second issue that you might face is visible roots. If you’ve let your hair grow without covering your roots during lockdown, you may be looking at some grey strands. These might be easy to hide with two-metre social distancing regulations, but if we half the distance, people are likely to spot them. How do you best cover your roots? If you’ve been dying your hair in the past, you know the routine. If you haven’t, now may not be the best time to try as your hairdresser will not be open to fix mishaps. Believe it or not, embracing your grey hair is a powerful and self-assuring decision. Sarah Harris’s grey strands are some of the most iconic and respected in the fashion industry. 

Keep your hands safe

When the social distancing rules change, a lot of people will be wondering about incorporating new protective gear into their apparel. A mask remains a necessity in crowds. However, gloves may do you more harm than good as they are likely to provide a false sense of safety, which means that you may be tempted to wash your hands less frequently. Additionally, wearing gloves for extended periods will affect your skin. Instead, make your hands your best health ally. Wash them with a moisturising soap often. Remember to keep them hydrated to avoid dry skin issues. 

And if you’re going to avoid gloves in public, the best advice you can get is to show off your nails. Home DIY manicure can be cute and an effective way to feel pulled together. Looking after your hands will reduce the risk of cracks and small tears appearing around your cuticles or your knuckles. This ensures that nothing can penetrate through the skin. 

Fashion and beauty routines need to play a big part in your post-lockdown life. They make you feel pretty. But, more importantly, they also help you to stay safe and sane as social distancing regulations change. 




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