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The Bespoke Experience -with Katherine Alexandra Brunnaci Jewellery


Since launching her first collection in 2010, Katherine Alexandra Brunacci has built and refined her brand KAB Jewellery, through the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces. While she completed her studies in Gold and Silversmithing at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, Katherine has found herself international exposure. Katherine boasts two international design awards from Milan, while currently operating her business out of London.

See an insight into Katherine’s work below, in her own words:

What I Do: I’m a jeweller, who specialises in one of a kind pieces, all completely made by hand and inspired by ancient and medieval artefacts.

How I’ve Spent Quarantine:  Gouache painting is a skill I have always wanted to learn. For me my paintings are a way of archiving my work. As all my pieces are one of a kind, once sold, I’m only left with a digital image. There is something lovely about having a little painting for me to keep. I’m by no means a master! But have found this very cathartic and am just happy if the painting resembles the jewel.- Designing and wax carving for a new collection to be launched when life resumes back to normal. Being in quarantine has been a rare opportunity for me to take my time in whilst designing and making samples. Trust me though, I can’t wait for life to go back to normal – but am grateful for this little designing holiday.

Make shift work station : Dining tableWax carving videoPicture of jewellery and painting: images attached

This is my current make-shift at home work sation.

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