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I Tried Instafamous Beauty Products: Coco & Eve Skinny Tan


You know the ones.

You can’t scroll a newsfeed without seeing them, ads for Coco & Eve fake tan, Coco & Eve hair-mask, Sun & Sky face-mask to name just a few. I decided, due to a quarantine induced whole lotta time; to try them out. These are all independent reviews, I have had no contact with any of these companies and used my hard earned cash to purchase every item.

Basically all these reviews are 100% my opinion, with no outside influence.

First up, I’m looking at Coco & Eve fake tan.

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What It Advertises:

This tan claims to be the fake tan to end all competition. Anti-cellulite, anti-ageing, covers blemishes, no streaks, no bad smell AND the big one: you will look skinnier.

Cost: £29.90/$59.75


So, It goes on beautifully, has a delicious smell and the colour is pretty great. As you probably guessed though, I didn’t feel or look any particularly ‘skinnier’ or more toned than I do with any other fake tan product. It’s also important to note that the best results are to put it on and leave it overnight and have a shower in the morning.

Although it does an excellent job as far as tanners go there is nothing overly special about it and honestly that price point means I’m probably won’t be buying it again.





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