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Emma Raho reviews Emma Lewisham

Anyone who has been following us for a while will be aware of the constant battleground that is my face. Having suffered with dry, angry, and super sensitive skin my entire life I have made it a mission of mine to find products that don’t make my tantrum prone complexion flip out like a toddler who received square sandwiches instead of triangles. 

My skin is an elite bitch: she requires only the finer things in life. Anything else and the red rashy bumps turn up like villagers with pitchforks to ruin my face and my day. This means that I have to be super choosy about what I dare to put on my skin.

Emma Lewishaw is a fellow problematic skin sufferer here in New Zealand who has made it her mission to make a meaningful difference in the beauty industry. She has developed a small but growing range of products that aim to combine the effectiveness of high end creams and serums with the reassurance of clean, naturally derived ingredients. This sounded pretty perfect for me, someone who finds the current natural ranges a bit hit and miss for effectiveness but also not wanting to buy pots of expensive chemical soup. Instead of using 2-3 hero ingredients, Emma uses up to 30 high performing natural ingredients at high concentrations. Clearly, Emma has not started this brand to just be another bottle on a shelf. For more about Emma’s story click here

I was kindly gifted the two products from the supernatural range – An anti aging peptide créme with 72 hour hydration and a triple retinol A+ face oil. It’s worth noting at this point I am not a skincare aficionado by any means. I am not from a beauty or cosmetology background. However what I do know is how this product works on my skin from a consumer point of view, or to put it another way – I’m just a chick in my late 30s who would rather not have a face that looks like a slightly weather beaten stop sign. 

On to the products. Both products come in heavy, expensive feeling containers. I may be alone here but that excites me. There’s nothing that makes me feel more dubious about a product than cheap, flimsy packaging.

I’m normally not a fan of a face oil. The ones I have tried sat on the surface of my skin doing nothing so I’m pretty curious to try this one. The oil comes with a pipette which I like because it’s easier to control the amount of product you dispense, the only downside is you have to be careful about spillages, however I’m clumsy af and didn’t have an issue. So far so good. The oil itself works differently to others I have experienced, it is thick and velvety. It kinda melts into the skin and in a few minutes dries down enough to put makeup on. A notable point here is this oil was an excellent primer, reducing the appearance of fine lines that foundation can accentuate.

The cream is amazing and probably my favourite of the two. Super rich in texture but, like the oil, melts into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy. I didn’t use it under makeup but I did wear it overnight and this cream is genuinely one of the best I’ve ever used. Noticeable differences in how even my skin was, and a reduction in the red pigment on my cheeks and chin even after a few days without causing any breakouts or allergic reactions. I highly recommend this cream of you have issues with uneven, reaction prone skin.

I left the price point until the end, mainly because these products aren’t cheap. With skincare, especially with skin that won’t behave, you pay to play. Less expensive brands make all kinds of claims, that based on ingredients alone, they can’t live up to. Some brands are more expensive but are nothing more than supermarket quality with aggressive marketing campaigns. If you want products that actually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, that actually give you a brighter and more youthful complexion, it has to contain the ingredients that are actually going to achieve this, which will inevitably cost more. However you will find, as I have over the years, although the initial outlay is a bit scary, a few better quality products are a better investment than an arm full of cheaper ones. 

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